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RUMOR: ‘The Flash’ May Be Losing Its Directors

The planned solo The Flash film may be facing more problems behind the scenes than we previously thought.

Problems with the development of the upcoming DC Extended Universe production may have just ramped up following a recent tweet from one of the film’s directors, Jonathan Goldstein.

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The Game Night director was asked by a Twitter user if he and co-director John Francis Daley were still set to direct The Flash, to which he replied with a simple comment of “standby….”

Now while this may not mean anything, it certainly is interesting how Goldstein was unable to say affirmatively that he and Daley are still directing The Flash despite having signed on with Warner Bros. late last year. It certainly does not inspire confidence for those who are still doubting whether Warner Bros. will ever get around to making and releasing the film like many have wanted including Ezra Miller who was first cast to play the lead character in 2014.

The tweet from Goldstein comes after news broke a few days ago that Justice League star Ezra Miller was collaborating with celebrated DC Comics writer Grant Morrison in writing a script for the film in a bid to stay in the DCEU as its Barry Allen/The Flash since his contract with Warner Bros. is set to expire sometime this year. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Miller’s decision to sought out someone like Morrison came after a conflict with Daley and Goldstein about the tone of The Flash film with Miller reportedly being more supportive of a “darker take on the material.” Daley and Goldstein whose previous credits include Marvel’s Spider-Man Homecoming and Game Night are likely more interested in directing something that is more akin to the lighthearted, escapist fiction trend that has taken the comic book movie genre by storm following the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Aquaman. 

Morrison is no stranger to writing The Scarlet Speedster after having written the main title in the mid-1990s alongside fellow comic book superstar Mark Millar so the fact that Ezra Miller sought his guidance in rewriting the film’s script is an interesting turn of events. It does show though that Miller is serious about portraying the character in a light that is similar to the comics and giving fans a version of him that may or may not be well-liked.

It is currently unknown when the creative duo of Miller and Morrison will meet with Warner Bros. executives to discuss the adoption of their script, but it is likely that they are taking the idea of possibly adopting it seriously if even the directors are no longer able to comment on their role in the film’s development.

If Daley and Goldstein exit from The Flash’s production then it would make them the third and fourth directors to depart as the directors following Dope director Rick Famuyiwa and Seth Grahame-Smith. Other directors who were approached to direct the DC superhero outing include Matthew Vaughn, Marc Webb, Sam Raimi, and Robert Zemeckis. Zemeckis was reportedly in talks with the studio but unfortunately those talks fell through.

How this potential departure could affect the film’s future is presently unknown, but it is likely that the film could not release on time given the time it has taken Warner Bros. to find a director for this film. The studio is currently eyeing a potential 2021 release for the film. FandomWire has reached out to Warner Bros. Pictures for further comment and will update this article, if possible.

What do you think of this news? Do you think that The Flash can be saved? Let us know in the comments below!




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