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Rumored Doctor Aphra Disney+ Show in 2020

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There is a rumor going around the internet about the possibility of a new Star Wars Disney+ show coming to the streaming service in 2020.

According to James Ward, a prominent leaker and editor at Making Star Wars claims that there is a show being created for Disney’s subscription service. It is based on the Marvel Comics/Star Wars character Doctor Aphra. The show is even said to have already started filming and will release sometime in 2020.

It has actually been rumored for years that Doctor Aphra has been on the shortlist for years as Disney has been looking for new and relatively unknown Star Wars characters to use for their upcoming streaming shows.

On the shortlist has also been Darth Bane/Knights of the Old Republic related characters. This information might mean that, if this rumor is true, there will be some sort of huge announcement either during the new year or as soon as The Mandalorian is finished to give people a reason to stay subscribed to the service. Even with the seventh and final season of Clone Wars being released in February. 

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Doctor Aphra is a character created by Marvel Comics that entered the Star Wars universe during the Darth Vader comics. These comics take place After the Battle of Yavin (ABY). Luke has just destroyed the Death Star and the Emperor has decided to test Vader’s resolve to the dark side and being a Sith Lord, while also testing his loyalty to Darth Sidious.

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Doctor Aphra is a criminal archaeologist who is used by Vader to help him during the short period right after the Battle of Yavin, almost as an assistant. That is where she starts and Aphra’s story just soars from there in the comics. 

Doctor Aphra’s first appearance is in Star Wars: Darth Vader: #3.

Written by Josh Collins

I am a bit of a film and video game fanatic. My interests include Star Wars, DC Comics, and action-adventure video games.I am a bit of a canon junkie when it comes to both Star Wars Legend and Disney canon. I love the Prequels and the Original Trilogy, while also sort of enjoying the Sequel Trilogy. I work freelance in television and film production after graduating from college in 2019. #ReleasetheSnyderCut

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