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RUMOUR: Nintendo Classic 64 Leaked On Twitter

Nintendo 64 Classic Leaked

A new Reddit post has started making rounds on the internet, featuring three images that report to be of an official Nintendo 64 classic.

The original post came on Twitter, via user “nachoypistacho”.

The user added that he has provided the images via an inside contact, obviously he cannot name.

So, are these legit? Even they are fakes, they are pretty good at faking. Of course, it’s the internet and photoshopping skills aren’t really rare to find here.

As a few users noted, the extending school socket doesn’t seem like something Nintendo would try, as it would be very fragile and problematic for them.

Also, the mock controller ports would essentially prevent a user from inserting the controller. Nothing more can be drawn from these two images, as they could be real to say the very least.

It’s likely that Nintendo will release a Nintendo 64 classic in the style of NES Classic and SNES. The latter was released in a November 2016 while the former made its way in September last year. Both were massive hits for the company and even did a market re-run of NES classic this year.

Nintendo 64 classic seems like the logical step from here. Given that a year has already passed between SNES and NES classics, it’s likely to release this holiday season, something that reports have also suggested.

Written by Neal Johnson

An avid movie fan and pop culture enthusiast.

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