Russell Crowe Nearly Totalled His Career By Rejecting Lord Of The Rings Lead Role Due To $503M Movie

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There is no doubt that Russell Crowe is an exceptionally talented and versatile actor. A ‘Gladiator‘ of the silver screen, he is known for conveying complex emotions and seamlessly transitioning between different genres.

Russell Crowe is best known for his movie Gladiator
Russell Crowe is best known for his movie Gladiator

A nuanced actor, Crowe has multiple accolades to his name, which naturally makes him one of the most sought-after actors. As is usual with many other actors of his stature, there are roles the actor has turned down. Among the many roles he has declined, perhaps the most damaging one has been the one in the famous franchise Lord of the Rings.

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Russell Crowe Rejected Multi-Million Lord Of The Rings Role

Russell Crowe rejected Lord of the Rings because of Gladiator
Russell Crowe rejected Lord of the Rings because of Gladiator

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Lord of the Rings is now one of the most successful fantasy franchises grossing over $1 billion worldwide. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the central protagonist and key figure is Aragorn. Described as noble and courageous, Viggo Mortensen could not have been more perfect for the role. However, the role wasn’t his, to begin with.

Before Mortensen, the role was offered to Nicholas Cage, Stuart Townsend, and Russell Crowe. However, the Robin Hood star rejected the role citing that it would be too similar to his Gladiator role. Although in an interview with Howard Stern, Crowe revealed the real reason for declining the role which would have made him over $100 million rich.


“I didn’t think Peter Jackson actually wanted me on the film because I think he was forced into talking to me because there was a moment in time when everybody wanted me in everything.”

It was a time when Crowe was still drowning in the fame of Gladiator, hence he suspected Peter Jackson was being forced by the studio to hire him and already had somebody else in mind. Naturally, Crowe being the generous person he is, refused the role.

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Aragorn Wasn’t The Only Role Russell Crowe Rejected

Hugh Jackman was nt the first choice for wolverine
Hugh Jackman was not the first choice for Wolverine

As Marvel fans, we could not imagine anyone else playing Wolverine. The iconic mutant is the favorite of many and one of the reasons why the character is so beloved is that Hugh Jackman is the one portraying it. Despite taking on the role and making it as legendary as it is now, Jackman was never the first choice.


Russell Crowe was one of the forerunners and was offered the role of Wolverine long before Jackman got the call. However, this role too was declined by Crowe. Talking with Howard Stern about how Hugh Jackman has carried the role, Crowe stated,

“And there is no way I would have ever done that. Even if I had done the film, I wouldn’t have carried it through with the grace and the direction Hugh Jackman gave it.”

And hence, Russell Crowe missed out on two of the most iconic role in Hollywood.

You can stream Lord of the Rings on HBO Max.


Source: The Howard Stern Show


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