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Russell Crowe Teases Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man Spin-off With James Bond Candidate Aaron Taylor-Johnson Will Be ‘Unexpectedly Dark’ Unlike MCU Movies

Russell Crowe Teases Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man Spin-off With James Bond Candidate Aaron Taylor-Johnson Will Be ‘Unexpectedly Dark’ Unlike MCU Movies

Russell Crowe is one of the veteran actors of Hollywood and is also one of the leading celebrities in the industry, and from a very early age, Crowe was involved with the industry performing small roles here and there. Crowe is famously known for his starring as the Roman General Maximus in the movie Gladiator, and since then, with numerous awards, immense fame, and respect under his belt, he has never looked back.

Russell Crowe is expected to make a Marvel comeback this year and it is not what you think. Crowe will not be back as Zeus but as Nikolai Kravinoff in Kraven the Hunter which will be released later this year. This movie will not be like those typical superhero movies where the hero saves everyone at the last moment, rather this upcoming project will be on the darker side most of the time and is definitely the one to watch out for.

Russell Crowe is one the crazy actors
Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe Hints Kraven the Hunter Will Have a Dark World

Russell Crowe has been in the industry for a long time, and with that long time comes experience, fame, respect, and many other things. Crowe has starred in numerous blockbuster movies and has also played a role in many billion-dollar franchises. Well, his most famous role was his portrayal of Maximus in the Gladiator movie, which earned him immense fame and wealth in the industry. His role as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder was also a bit unexpected but he perfectly played the role and was even appreciated for it.

Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder
Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

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“I haven’t seen it, but I know that we’re going through another round of shooting soon. I’ve got a scene to do in a couple of weeks, really excited about what he’s got in front of him and really excited about the way people will receive it.” 

Russell Crowe will return to the franchise with a different role this time around, as Nikolai Kravinoff in Kraven the Hunter, and has even stated in an interview with Comic Book Resources that the movie will be dark, unlike many other superhero movies. He went on to add that most of the scene will be in an “unexpectedly dark world” and will be a darker version of the already-introduced Venom and  Morbius.  With Aaron Taylor-Johnson starring as the lead and Russell Crowe as the support, the movie is highly expected by many fans out there.

Planning for Kraven the Hunter Has Been Going On for Years

It was decided in 2017 that Kraven the Hunter will be taking on the big screen, out of the comics to the franchise, but as a stand-alone movie, and since then planning for it has been going on. The team for this project was cast slowly in 2017 and 2018 and the rest of the cast with the lead, Aaron Taylor-Johnson confirmed to portray Kraven in 2021-22. The movie was expected to be released in early 2023 considering that the filming was finished by early 2022, but unfortunately, it was pushed back till October 2023.

Spider-Man Spin-off Kraven the Hunter with lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Spider-Man spin-off Kraven the Hunter with lead Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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“He is a hunter and from that world of hunting and there’s so many aspects [to him]. What I love about that character is that he has flaws. Kraven is a beautiful character. Sergei Kravinov is a beautiful character because it’s someone who’s really understanding themselves and has flaws.

This is a character that was built ages ago and it’s in a new time and era, but yeah, is he going to be the hunter that we all want to see? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.”

The plot for the movie is kept under heavy wraps and no information regarding the movie is released except for its premiere date. The lead, Taylor-Johnson claimed in an interview that the character that he is playing, Kraven the Hunter, is a very sophisticated, and beautiful character, and added that he had much fun playing the role. Johnson went on to add that the character will be very interesting to watch as though he is a person with many flaws, he slowly rectifies them with time and is a very well-built character overall.

Kraven the Hunter will premiere on 6 October 2023.

Source: Comic Book Resources | Twitter

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