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Russian Artist Gives 11 Disney Princesses Warrior Makeovers

Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.

While playing a game like the Tekken or Mortal Kombat, have you ever gone through the list of latent female fighters and ever wondered, “Hmm where is, is Cinderella in this list?
She really could kick some asses.
If your answer is no, that’s because the Disney princesses are known to be sweet, caring, and light.
But are tortured by the big baddie of the story until they are saved by their Prince Charming.
But that’s all about the past!
As a famous Russian Artist named Artemii, Myasnikov has created a masterpiece fan-art of our favorite Disney Princesses.
This Russian artist mixes creativity with advanced technologies to create these Badass female warriors.
In an interview, Artemii told that one night he was watching the “Disenchantment” series with his wife.
Suddenly, a discussion broke between the two as to what they liked and disliked about the main character.
One of the things the couple liked was how damsel wasn’t in distress, unlike other princesses of famous Disney movies.
That’s how he got the idea and immediately drew Snow White.
To Atemii snow white was the most damsel-in-distress princess he has ever read about.
Thus he drew A new Snow White that was armed, dangerous, and was in charge of her own destiny, and that’s how the sequence of princess drawing started.
So for fans to look at these incredible Fan-Art, FandomWire decided to compile 11 of these Disney Princess fabricated by Atemii Myasnikov.
Sounds Thrilling, let’s hop into it.

11 Ariel Riding Sebastian Into Battle:

10 Mulan And Mushu Looking Ready To Stir-Fry You:

9 Pocahontas And A Rabid Meeko:

8 Jasmine Flying In On Carpet:

7 Belle And An Absolute Beast:

6 Rapunzel Ready To Cut More Than Just Hair:

5 The Last But Definitely Not The Least Goes Merida:

4 Cinderella Ain’t Got Time For Glass Slippers!!

3 Snow White And The Seven Aggrieved Dwarves:

2 Tiana Doing… Magic??

1 Aurora Shadowed By Maleficent:


Source: Karolina Wv

Written by FandomWire Staff

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