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Russo Brothers Producing Disney’s Live Action Hercules – Lets Cast!

Bless my soul, Herc is on a roll! News dropped last night via The DisInsider that Disney is looking at adapting one of the most underrated films from their animated renaissance, Hercules! The Hollywood Reporter has now just updated this news. Reports say that MCU alums Joe and Anthony Russo are set to produce this live action remake under their ABGO banner. The studio has also brought Dave Callaham to pen the script. Callaham’s work includes not only launching The Expenables franchise, but upcoming films like Wonder Woman 1984, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, and Marvel’s Shang-Chi. No director has been chosen as of yet.

Disney plans for this to be a theatrical release, not a Disney+ original like last year’s Lady and the Tramp. Robin Hood and Lilo and Stitch are also in pre-production for the service. Released in 1997, Disney legends Ron Clements and John Musker directed the animated musical fantasy retelling on the Greek myth. The original starred actors like Tate Donovan as the titular demigod and James Woods as the hot tempered Hades.

Casting will likely be underway once a director takes the job. However, some fans online are clamoring for Ariana Grande as the role of Meg after wowing audiences with her rendition of “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” during the Disney Family Singalong.

Now if I were in charge of the casting here’s who I would pick for this take:

For Hercules, I’d chose Henry Cavill because when you think about it, Herc is basically Disney’s version of Superman.

For Meg, I’d pick Anna Kendrick because I think she can pull the sass and charm that makes her a good foil to Cavil.

Liev Schriber is my pick for Hades because I feel he could nail that fiery temper.

Both Josh Gad and Bill Hader come to mind as Pain and Panic.

Lastly for the Muses you know it should include Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah, Janelle Moane, Mary J Blige, and Lizzo.

As for Phil, I think it would be nice to see Danny DeVito return to the role but that’s just me.

Who would love to see in this live action take? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Devin Colson

I’m a huge geek when it comes to things like Marvel/DC, Star Wars, anime, etc. Bit of a movie buff. Disney kid at heart.

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