‘Never Say Never’: Russo Brothers Confirm They’re Open to MCU Return, Fans Say ‘Now What Would Be Better Than Endgame?’


Russo Brothers shed some light on their potential return for an MCU project. The Director duo who made the widely acclaimed Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame speaks about the possibility of their return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are very open to direct again for MCU Return. Their last project that concluded the Infinity Saga of MCU welcomed huge praise for the way they concluded Phase 3 of MCU.

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Russo Brothers on their return for another MCU project
Russo Brothers

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Russo Brothers confirm their Return:

Russo Brothers to return for a Marvel Project
Avengers: Endgame, the movie that concluded MCU Infinity Saga

Recently, AP Entertainment tweeted a clip from an interview where The Grey Man makers are seen to be speaking about their return to the MCU. According to them, they love Marvel and are always welcome to work for them.


As per the  Captain America: Civil War directors, although their current slots are full with the upcoming projects still there’s always scope for a comeback and you never say never. They have also stated that the storylines should be good enough for their return:

“if the right story lines up at the right time, then we all go back to work.”

It seems like, the MCU will need another colossal event to bring back the duo on the ark.


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Possible Marvel Project:

The secret war hinted in Doctor Strange 2.
Secret Wars

Since the Directors have spoken about their return, fans are excited to watch their magic once again on the Big Screen. But from the past track records of Joe and Anthony Russo, it can be traced that they are good at handling large-scale MCU projects like Civil War or Infinity War, and Endgame and they will probably need a large-scale MCU event to comeback.


Presently, it seems that there cannot be a better big MCU catastrophic event than Secret Wars. With the Multiversal theories being the favorite element in this Phase 4, Secret Wars will prove to be a greater event for all the heroes to reunite and create a mass event. The Secret Wars play a great role in Marvel Comics, and the incursions theory is already being shown in Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, Secret Wars can be the key to another mass MCU Entertainer like Endgame.

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So now ultimately it’s upon the Russo Brothers and the MCU Heads to decide upon which project to be the next cataclysmic MCU project and in the meantime we can watch what another gem of an MCU director Taika Waititi has for us in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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