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‘Why waste your talent here?’ : Ryan Gosling Reveals Which MCU Character He Would Like To Play, Fans React Marvel Will Just Waste You

According to a source, Ryan Gosling expressed his interest in playing a character in The Marvel Cinematic Universe and that character is none other than Ghost Rider. Now at present, there would hardly be any star who hasn’t worked with or doesn’t want to work with MCU. The Studio being a giant and coming under its veil has been a wish for almost every star. But it also looks like the fans do not very well receive Ryan Gosling’s wish as they are already skeptical about him as well as Marvel’s portrayal of Ghost Rider.

Ryan Gosling interested in playing Ghost Rider
A picture of Ghost Rider

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Ryan Gosling, to Enter MCU?

Ryan Gosling’s inclusion in the MCU is not confirmed. It’s just the La La Land Actor’s wish to get such a role. Even MCU hasn’t said anything about the news.

Ryan Gosling actors
Ryan Gosling is interested in playing the character of Ghost Rider in MCU

The 41-year-old Canadian actor is known for both independent films as well as commercial hits. He is all set to play Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie along with Margot Robbie. Earlier there had been many reports that Gosling will be playing a role in Nova in MCU but now he completely overturned the table as while talking to Joshua Horowitz, he denied any involvement with the Nova Project. But the character he wants to play is Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider.

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While the actor is highly excited to play the flaming hot role of Johnny Blaze, the fans are already skeptical that MCU can’t handle such a character and is possibly going to extinguish all its hotness to the highly notorious PG-13 barrier. On the other hand, it is also to be noted that many fans want Keanu Reeves or Norman Reedus to play the role so it’s clear that for this reason, not everyone is having good thoughts about Ryan Gosling playing Ghost Rider in MCU.

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Does Marvel Ruin The Characters?

Nicholas Cage comments on playing Ghost Rider Again
Nicholas Cage earlier played the character of Ghost Rider

Lately, Marvel Studios has been a huge disappointment regarding its shows and movies after the repeated disappointing performances of Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4. Even Moon Knight received some criticism for its lack of brutality which was needed for the character’s development.

With movies like The Batman, we have already seen how much we can push the boundaries of PG-13 so that it can cater to everyone but Marvel under the umbrella of Disney hasn’t been paying heed to this and we are repeatedly getting some formula-oriented classic superhero works instead of something fresh. This is even inviting wide skepticism for the Ghost Rider project as soon as Ryan Gosling commented about it and the netizens are hell-bent on their opinion that MCU would waste Gosling’s talent. Some even expressed their thoughts about a different actor:

Earlier we have seen Nicholas Cage in the Ghost Rider movies, which was canceled after two movies that didn’t do well to the critics as well as the audience. Now with Ryan Gosling having been interested to play the character once more, it would be interesting to watch if we can spot him someday playing as our Ghost Rider in the MCU or not.



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