Ryan Gosling Gives Brad Pitt Eating and Tom Cruise Running in Every Movie a Serious Competition With His One Cute Habit

The Barbie Star's New Signature Move Rivals Hollywood Legends' Iconic Scenes.

Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise


  • Fans have noticed Ryan Gosling frequently putting on his sunglasses and walking away, a habit that has been gaining attention.
  • Tom Cruise's running scenes and Brad Pitt's eating habits have become iconic, often linked to their movies' success.
  • Fans and critics are now watching to see if Gosling's habit will become a consistent trend and affect his films' popularity.
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Often times actors have an unusual habit or scene that is present in most of their movies. While Tom Cruise is often running in his many movies, Brad Pitt can be spotted eating one thing or the other during his films. Famous for these habits, it seems both Cruise and Pitt have found an unusual contender in Barbie star, Ryan Gosling.

The typical Tom Cruise-running style
Tom Cruise running in Mission: Impossible | Paramount Pictures

From the Oscar-winning La La Land to Barbie, fans have noticed one cute habit of the actor, which is sure to outshine Cruise’s iconic run and Pitt’s always-eating habit!

Ryan Gosling Gives Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt Strong Competition

ryan gosling the fall guy
Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy | Universal Pictures

Tom Cruise is a definite action star, whose stunts are famous across the film industry for being death-defying and setting an unreachable bar to recreate or outshine. Yet, what stands out the most in his many action flicks is his iconic run. From Mission Impossible to The Mummy, the actor is often seen running for his life or trying to catch the bad guys.


On the other hand, Brad Pitt is often seen eating in his movies. Whether it is Ocean’s Eleven or Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the actor can be seen gobbling down some or the other delicacies while giving some of the finest acting performances.

Cruise’s running and Pitt’s eating have become such an iconic habit of theirs that fans look for such scenes as soon as a new movie of theirs comes out. On the other hand is Ryan Gosling. Recently, fans found an iconic habit of the Barbie star, which is sure to give Cruise and Pitt a strong competition.

As per an Instagram post, Gosling puts on his sunglasses and walks away in nearly every recent movie of his. Starting from La La Land, Gosling does this cute habit of his in The Nice Guys, Barbie, and the recently released The Fall Guy as well.


A fairly new habit, fans are sure to keep a look out for the actor’s next feature to see if this cute habit becomes a consistent trend in his movies.

Tom Cruise’s Running & Brad Pitt Eating Makes Their Movies Successful!

Brad Pitt eating in Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Brad Pitt eating in Mr. and Mrs. Smith | 20th Century Fox

While Tom Cruise’s running and Brad Pitt’s eating are iconic habits, it is shocking to think that their movies end up being more successful the longer they perform such actions. Harder to believe at first, looking at the statistics and performance of their movies, this is what fans and critics have found.

As per Rotten Tomatoes, the longer distance Cruise runs, the more successful his movies are. He has sprinted over 29,961 feet in all of his movies combined until Mission Impossible- Dead Reckoning: Part One. Moreover, if the actor runs more than 1000 feet in a movie, the movie has a higher chance of being successful.


Similarly, according to a Redditor LundgrensFrontKick, the more Brad Pitt eats in a movie, the more the chances that the movie will be a hit. Having consumed an estimated 4,986 calories onscreen, the movies where he ate less go on to become lesser hits.

Although such data is not definitive and the success of their films depends upon several other things, it is nonetheless surprising to know these shocking statistics. As Gosling continues to give strong competition to Cruise and Pitt with his unique habit, we can’t wait to see if such a trend will follow him too or not.


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