Ryan Reynolds Almost Made His DC Return Before Deadpool 3? James Gunn Entertains Rumors About Zack Snyder and Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds Almost Made His DC Return Before Deadpool 3? James Gunn Entertains Rumors About Zack Snyder and Green Lantern
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Ryan Reynolds may have been a part of the DCU a while back but his return now seems less canny. Many of the DC Universe’s series have been shuffling, some being canceled, others rumored to not be made at all. James Gunn happens to be at the center of it all and he has finally addressed as to what DC might be doing with many superheroes.

Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern

The DCU is going through massive changes at the moment, however, a significant request from the fans has been the involvement of Superman within the franchise. Another aspect that rose was when Green Lantern might be a part of the DC Universe.

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James Gunn Addresses The Rumors Regarding Ryan Reynolds Returning To The DCU

A while ago, there had been rumors about the return of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern in the DC Universe. These had been floating around before Deadpool 3 had been confirmed and had since then been disregarded. However, the question remained of whether or not he would return to the role. When questioned by the fans, James Gunn‘s reply was that the character would very much be involved within the franchise sometime in the future. Although, when that would happen was not stated.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Rumors even curtailed that Reynolds was going to come back for the role had Zack Snyder still been a part of the franchise. To this, Gunn very simply replied with the fact of how that was never going to happen and Ryan Reynolds is far from interested in returning as the character. Especially after he has openly mocked his role and the movie as well. He told the fans that Green Lantern is not a priority for him and neither for the actor, who is extremely happy to play the part of Wade Wilson successfully.

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James Gunn Clarified The Importance Of Superman In The DCU

James Gunn recently tweeted in the celebration of Superman premiering 44 years ago and to this, fans asked him if and when the superhero would be part of the DCU. To this, the CEO of DC Films stated that the Scarlet caped hero was in fact one of their biggest priorities of not the biggest.

Superman played by Henry Cavill

He confirmed that the hero would most definitely return to the franchise, however, fans are still unsure of whether the interpretation of Superman that they would see will involve Henry Cavill or not.

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