Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s Deadpool 3 Can Help Marvel Wipe Its Slate Clean With the ‘Killogy’ Comic Series

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The highly anticipated Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman starrer Deadpool 3, is one glimmering hope that fans expect will return Marvel’s lost glory. Although the film is put to pause momentarily due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood, the hype is still intact. A whirlwind of fresh theories and swirling rumors have taken flight, capturing the spotlight with every passing moment, all centered around the upcoming film. Whether it’s the cast or the elusive plot, fans are captivated, and eager to discover how to ready themselves for what’s about to come.


And thus, one popular theory fans are hoping Marvel runs with the upcoming movie is the plot mentioned in the comics of the “Killogy” series. Yes, the one where Deadpool wreaks havoc in the entire Marvel Universe killing almost everyone. And with Wolverine tagging along it could be made far more interesting than it already is. Should Marvel opt for this direction, it presents them with a golden chance to seize, particularly if the studio is looking to refresh and reorganize its creative canvas just like DC.

Image from the set of Deadpool 3
Image from the set of Deadpool 3

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Why Deadpool 3 Should Consider the “Killogy” Comic Series?

If Marvel’s aiming to dive headfirst into a storyline that reaches deep into both the vintage X-Men movie realm and the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe all while keeping it fresh, AND giving Hugh Jackman a substantial role in his epic comeback, there’s a wildcard move they could pull straight from the comics- The “Killogy” series. The series comprises three parts, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated, and Deadpool Kills Deadpool setting the movie up perfectly for Deadpool’s entry to the MCU in the most Deadpool way possible.

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Now to go about the plot, picture this wild idea, Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool going on a rampage through a whole different Marvel Universe, making a grand entrance into the MCU chaos. With Wolverine just behind him, although his character takes a bit different path in the comics, the movies could utilize this opportunity to bring their “comradery” back. This also leaves the perfect space for all the old-school Marvel characters to make a return and say hi to the new members of their family, like a blast from the past. If one lets their imagination go rogue, the idea could also introduce Fox’s X-Men into the picture.

Should they decide to jump into the realm of Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, fans could stand a chance to witness the best of both worlds. Deadpool can let loose in an R-rated spectrum with any constraints (something fans are dying to witness for years now) and also occasionally drop by the PG-13 domain of the Multiversal saga to give it the extra spicy it needs. Creating the perfect win-win-win situation! Now Marvel has to choose the path they’ll take. All in all, people have very high hopes for Deadpool 3.


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What Happens in Deadpool’s “Killogy” Series?

In very simple words, Dreadpool from Earth 12101, who is essentially brainwashed in believing reality is fake, embarks on a mission to obliterate all of existence, while his counterpart, Deadpool from Earth 616, steps into the fray with the aim of putting a halt to his catastrophic rampage. He kicks off his rampage by obliterating Reed Richards and the entire Fantastic Four crew, leaving no trace behind.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

The list then keeps getting long, the crushing highlights being, killing the entire Avengers crew using stolen Pym Particles and magnifying Mjolnir to colossal proportions as it makes its return to Thor’s hand, to ultimately crush him to death. He stands true to his name, spreading the dread throughout the universe. This continues till he faces his own version. All in all a total chaos, but in a true unhinged Deadpool style. All the elements mentioned could come into play in the upcoming Deadpool 3 someway or the other! Fans are eagerly waiting.


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