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Ryan Reynolds Gives Deadpool 3 Update in the Most Ryan Reynolds Way Possible

It’s been complete four years now since we witnessed Ryan Reynolds donning Deadpool’s red suit. It’s no surprise that fans have been eagerly waiting for the day. However, we are utterly happy to acknowledge that the day seems to be coming in no time since Deadpool 3 is officially in production. Free Guy’s Shawn Levy, who has regularly cooperated with Reynolds in addition to working on projects like Netflix’s Stranger Things, is the project’s director.

Ryan Reynolds Gives Deadpool 3 Update in the Most Ryan Reynolds Way Possible

The questions regarding the release have been really persistent and no one actually addressed the query. Reynolds announced a few months ago that updates on the project will be arriving soon, but fans have yet to receive anything definite. Luckily, after a few months of silence, the official Deadpool Twitter account took the initiative and issued an update. It may not be what one would expect, but it is amusing in a way that is on-brand.

Deadpool truly nailed down brand integrations

Ryan Reynolds Gives Deadpool 3 Update in the Most Ryan Reynolds Way Possible
Ryan Reynolds

The official Deadpool movie Twitter account has given an update on Deadpool 3’s progress, and fans can now rest well.  The image includes multiple references to Ryan Reynolds’ businesses, such as the Mint Mobile jacket worn by Rob Delaney’s character, the Aviation Gin bottle on the table, the logo for the actor’s company Maximum Effort on the television, and a poster for Wrexham FC. “Story, character, and script next!” the post jokes about the following steps in the development process. They’ve indeed nailed down the brand integrations.

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Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor has defined his career, as well as made Deadpool the icon he is today. More of it is always welcome. Regardless of how hilarious this tweet is, supporters will definitely want something more significant. So, when can we expect Deadpool 3 to be released? The absolute earliest would come late next year, but 2024 is the most realistic option, given how crowded the current MCU slate is. That’s a long way off, and it’ll be six years since the last picture by then.

Written by Varshit Sharma

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