Ryan Reynolds Rumoured To Be In An Animated Deadpool Series

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If there wasn’t enough Deadpool going around with Ryan Reynolds under the mask, you need not worry. With two blockbuster movies in a row, Deadpool very easily established itself as a successful franchise. For reference, the character is fierce, extremely abrasive, and of course, full of dark humor. Of course, Ryan filled these shoes perfectly since the cursed movie, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. One of the main reasons it took some time for him to come back is due to the character being so misused in that movie.


Reynold’s acting has always been superb in the characters’ shoes. The praise and attention only grew as Deadpool (2016) and Deadpool 2 (2018) have made it hard for us to imagine anyone else as Wade Wilson. The news for the future of the character became all smoke when Disney swooped in and acquired Fox in early 2019.


About the animated series coming into play with Ryan Reynolds:

However, with recent projects coming to light, we have gotten some clarity on the situation. As reported by Bubbleblabber, it is rumored that Disney is discussing the possibility of an animated R-rated Deadpool series starring Ryan Reynolds. There’s not enough news floating around to confirm anything other than 20th Television Animation would be developing it and that Hulu will act as its distribution house. When asked by a fan of the character if he had heard about this rumor, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld responded with a basic “Yes”.

Even if most of the news is blurry for the moment. The staff over at Variety interacted with Disney CEO Bob Iger and assured fans that the company wouldn’t stop making Deadpool movies. His statement did not go unconfirmed. In an interview with Collider, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that Deadpool 3 is happening and it will in fact be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They also confirmed that Deadpool will remain R-rated.


What happened to the project:

In 2017, Marvel Studios and FX & Signature Studios stated that they were planning to create a 10-episode animated Deadpool series, starring Donald Glover. The project eventually got canceled. It was later revealed that canceling the show was Marvel’s idea and not FX’s.


He said, “They didn’t want to do the show that Donald and Stephen (Glover) wrote. We would have done show that Donald and Stephen wrote, but it wasn’t our decision. When Marvel decided not to do that show, we parted company with them as did Donald and Stephen. Now it’s totally up to them (Marvel) whether they hire someone else to do a different show.”

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