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Ryan Reynolds Treated Himself With $507K Lamborghini Aventador Hypercar After 2011’s Green Lantern Disaster

Ryan Reynolds Treated Himself With $507K Lamborghini Aventador Hypercar After 2011's Green Lantern Disaster

The Early 2010s weren’t easy on Ryan Reynolds, who went on to star in two low-rated Superhero flicks, involving X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2011’s Green Lantern. However, the latter impacted the actor’s career on a substantial level, as the movie was crowned as one of the worst superhero movies to be created. Although Reynolds hasn’t shied away from expressing his distaste for the movie, the actor initially had some unique ways to deal with the setback.

Following his regret over working in one of the worst superhero movies ever created, the Red Notice star reportedly used some luxurious methods to deal with the enormous failure.

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Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds used an expensive measure to deal with the failure of Green Lantern

Following the failure of the $200 million Green Lantern movie at the box office, which didn’t have a great run, Ryan Reynolds went on to deal with the situation with a luxurious car. According to reports, during his 37th birthday, the Deadpool star gifted himself a Lamborghini Aventador and his love for automobiles would keep growing. The $507K car, which is one of the most expensive cars in his collection, comes with a  6.5L V12 engine, producing 730 horsepower.

However, this isn’t the only luxurious car in the actor’s automobile collection, which reportedly includes 7 more cars, most notably the Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. The Cadillac Escalade, which is synonymous among celebrities, offers 420 horsepower from a 6.2L V8 engine, and the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL offers 105 horsepower from a 1.9L 4-cylinder engine. But the actor’s love isn’t just limited to cars, as he didn’t back away from expressing his love for motorbikes either.

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Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador

Ryan Reynolds also shares a deep fondness for motorcycles

Apart from his luxurious car collection, the Deadpool star is also a huge fan of motorcycles and reportedly owns 6 sick motorcycles, including a Triumph Bonneville and a customized Triumph Thruxton. Reynolds once opened up about his love for bikes and expressed, “When I’m in a car I can’t wait to get there, and when I’m on a bike I can’t wait to not get there”. The actor further shared his love of riding bikes by stating,

“There’s a spiritual connection to riding a bike. You’re at play with the environment: In essence, I think meditating,

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Triumph Thruxton, customized by Kott Motorcycles
Triumph Thruxton, customized by Kott Motorcycles

Just like the actor’s breathtaking automobile collection, Reynolds’ career has also come across several high-profile roles over the years that have cemented him at the top of the industry. With the actor now set to reprise the iconic role of Deadpool and return for the threequel alongside his pal Hugh Jackman, fans can’t wait to witness the actor’s unmatched energy onscreen.

Deadpool 3 will hit theatres on 8 November 2024.

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