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“She’s not a superhero”: First Israeli Superhero Sabra Gets Massive Backlash Post Captain America 4 Announcement, Fans Say Problematic Character Will Overshadow Black Captain America

sabra captain america 4

The D23 Expo brought about an array of announcements and Marvel’s Captain America: New World Order was not an exception to the fan-anticipated endeavor. However, after news broke of a new character joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the reaction has been thunderous, to say the least. With Shira Haas set to play the franchise’s first Israeli superhero, Sabra, fans have had a strong barrage of criticism against the controversial decision taken by Marvel Studios.

Sabra set to appear in Captain America: New World Order
Sabra – The Israeli Superhero

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When it comes to MCU and its years of overarching narrative and diverse character depictions, the superhero franchise is notable for having stepped into the murky waters of political affairs more than once. Previously, the films produced by the studio have been scrutinized for themes of military propaganda, as intricately noted by fans and critics alike.

Some have also ascertained that Marvel has had no problem stepping into the world of and tackling various societal issues. However, to say that it hasn’t received extensive backlash for such decisions, would be a lie. Captain America: New World Order is one such project which seems to be receiving the brunt of such choices.

Why Has Sabra Caused An Uproar Amongst Fans?

Fans react to Sabra in Captain America
Sabra has reaped a tumultuous reaction

First making a cameo appearance in the Incredible Hulk comics, back in 1980, Sabra is a mutant superhero, known for her extremely potent and varying abilities. After the announcement of her MCU inclusion, what has disturbed many fans is the connection of Sabra’s character with the Israeli government, as shown in the comics. Carrying out the utmost extremities, Sabra’s past iterations were nothing short of problematic connotations.

What most fans are having trouble comprehending is the decision to include a character tainted with nothing but controversy. Many believe that this judgment comes at the expense of Sam Wilson finally receiving his much-anticipated solo film.

Shira Haas will play Sabra
Shira Haas will play Sabra

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On Twitter, many fans shared their opinions as to why delving into the Israeli–Palestinian conflict was a major blunder on Marvel Studios’ behalf, especially keeping in mind the sensitivity and complexity of the issue that plagues contemporary times. Certain people believe that the stance of seeking to include such a convoluted form of representation might only aggravate notions of Antisemitism.

Fans Believe Sabra Will Overshadow Sam Wilson’s Captain America

Captain America: New World Order, Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson

With the inclusion of the complicated character, set to be played by Shira Haas, who has an intense history associated with her, fans are confused as to what direction New World Order will take. Many are skeptical about such a resolution, which Marvel Studios have actively decided to move forward with. When it comes to Sabra, also known as Ruth Bat-Seraph, and her original depiction in the Incredible Hulk comics, most of it would prove quite challenging to translate into the MCU, especially with the onslaught of criticism the character has been faced with at the moment.

Therefore, while much of the connotations associated with the contentious superheroine will presumably be left behind, many affirm that such a decision is bound to steal the limelight away from Sam Wilson, the frontrunner of Captain America 4. 

Captain America: New World Order
Captain America: New World Order

If Marvel Studios somehow agrees to go with a skewed approach for Sabra, fans would be disgruntled to see that happen in the Anthony Mackie-starrer, an endeavor people were genuinely enthusiastic about. It would not only lead to further denunciation but would also ruin what seems to be Marvel’s saving grace – the much-awaited Phase 5.

Take a look at fans’ reactions, thoughts, and viewpoints about Sabra:

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While it is yet to be seen is how exactly Sabra will be incorporated into the Phase 5 film; as a friend or a foe to Sam Wilson. The compromising situation that has befallen the Marvel franchise is extremely delicate. The choice to have a notoriously depicted character in the first place seems to be an odd stance. The coming days will soon reveal whether Marvel is willing to respond to the earsplitting disapproval.

Fans of Sam Wilson’s Captain America will have to wait to see the ultimate verdict – whether or not his character is destined to live under the shadow of a tendentious superheroine or fly above it all.

Captain America: New World Order is set to hit the theatres on 3rd May 2024.

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