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Sad Story Behind Marriage Proposal In ‘Spider-Man PS4’

This goes out to all this fans who are exploring the digital Manhattan on Marvel‘s Spider-Man game for PS4. There is a heartwarming Easter egg in the game. Yes, you read it right. This Easter egg comes in the form of a marriage proposal, written in the marquee of a theatre.

However, the story behind this proposal is rather sad, as the person behind the message has come out with a depressing backstory.

All of this began with Tyler Schultz, a Twitch Streamer and YouTube blogger who contacted Spider-Man game developers at Insomniac Games. He asked them to include his own marriage proposal in the game and to everyone’s surprise, they agreed.

Since the game’s release, fans have responded positively to it hoping that Maddie will respond positively to the person who proposed to her through a video game. How awesome, right?

After the proposal went viral on social media, Tyler came out revealing that he was behind the request of including the Easter Egg, adding a rather sad follow-up that the relationship didn’t really work out.

He went on to post a video to his channel on YouTube, naming it “the saddest Easter Egg” in a video game, which has since been removed for “violating YouTube’s Terms of Service”. He said the following:

“The thing that sucks about this Easter egg is the date that I’m making this video now, three, four weeks ago, my girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother. Basically throwing away the five years that we had together and spitting in my face basically, saying this isn’t even the way she wanted to be proposed to, and left me. This might go down in history as the saddest Easter egg. Maybe, I don’t know.”

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After Tyler made a tweet at Insomniac Games, and attaining a lot of support by fans, reps from the studio contacted Tyler and both settled on the message being delivered as written over the theatre marquee.

Tyler even stated the positives of the messages, expressing his happiness that his message was at least included in the game.

An art director at Insomniac Games named Jacinda Chew saw the tweet Schultz had posted regarding the disappointing outcome and offered to change the message on the marquee to something else in the next patch:

“That sucks! Want us to change the sign to something else in a patch? Any suggestions?”

Written by Reilly Johnson

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