Samurai Jack Live Action: Actors Perfectly Suited To Play These Characters

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Samurai Jack is one of the greatest animated series ever made. Loved by fans, it has had 5 seasons. The last one aired in 2017 after a gap of 13 years. Loved and acclaimed by critics and fans alike, it has an intriguing storyline and awesome characters. It follows the life and adventures of Samurai Jack, who is stuck in a dystopian future. His chief antagonist is a powerful shape-shifting demon named Aku.


The story begins in Jack’s childhood. He was the son of a Japanese Emperor. His father was attacked and kidnapped by the demon, Aku. Jack was then smuggled away and spent his formative years’ training in various martial arts around the world, preparing for his revenge. This is where the story takes a huge twist. When Jack confronts the demon and is about to deal him a fatal blow, Aku traps him in a time portal and sends him into a distant, dystopian future. There, Jack overcomes adversities in a quest to finally defeat the demon and take his revenge.

All this is such a fascinating storyline, that time and again fans have pleaded with the makers to launch a live-action adventure for it. Certainly, it has great potential! We explore what actors would be best suited to play various characters in such a production.



1. Keanu Reaves as Samurai Jack

actors suited for samurai jack live action
Keanu Reaves


Well, this is a fan favorite choice for the role of Samurai Jack, and we can see why. Reaves has a long cut of hair like jack and even a similar face cut! Further, the actor is well versed in martial arts and has displayed his skills in various movies. Playing a hero in an action-packed film would not be new for him. Reaves could be shown as Jack, training and learning various martial arts to defeat Aku. We believe it would be the perfect casting for the role of Jack. From physical similarity to martial arts background, Keanu Reaves has it all!


2. George Takei as Aku

actors suited for samurai jack live action
George T.

George Takei of Star Trek fame seems like a good choice for the role of Aku. Aku is a complicated character and requires a skilled actor to play him. His personality is multidimensional, and all its facets are important. George has shown his skill and maturity in many films and would suit as a  powerful demon, tormenting Jack. His blend of menace and comedy would make Aku very interesting and fun to watch. As the principal antagonist of Samurai Jack, Aku requires an experienced and skilled actor to play the part, and George Takei is just that!

3. Christoph Waltz as The Scotsman

actors suited for samurai jack live action
Christoph Waltz

After Samurai Jack and Aku, it is the Scotsman who is the major character, featuring in multiple episodes of the original stories. The first meeting between Jack and The Scotsman happened on the bridge, where the Scotsman was introduced as a comical and brash fellow. This strong character could be perfectly handled by Christoph Waltz. Waltz is an acclaimed actor who has won several awards and can act very, very well. With the casting of The Scotsman, we now have a perfect trio to play the three main characters of the Samurai Jack Live Action Production. Do you agree? Or do you have better suggestions? Let us know in the comment section.

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