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Sandstorm: Exciting Independent Superhero Book Released By Author & Influencer Monica Clare

Sandstorm: Exciting Independent Superhero Book Released By Author & Influencer Monica Clare

Independent comic book writer, Monica Clare (known as Monica Tulay on Instagram & TikTok) is kicking off 2023 with the launch of her second superhero novel, Sandstorm: The Plight of yesterday. This book continues the adventures of Sandstorm, an ancient Hebrew girl who is blessed with superstrength and the ability to control sand.

Although Monica Clare is an independent, self-published author, she has been successful in creating a fan base for Sandstorm through Instagram and being a vendor at various comic cons. Both of her books, Sandstorm: The Legend of Adira and Sandstorm: The Plight of Yesterday are available on Amazon.

Sandstorm Sequel Released By Monica Clare

Sandstorm Sequel Released By Monica Clare

Monica Clare previously addressed some background on Sandstorm in an interview with GeekPost, stating “to give a little insight on the stories, Sandstorm (also known as Adira) is a superhero that I created, and I also cosplay as her and modeled for both covers. She’s a very altruistic character who started from nothing, as a Hebrew slave in ancient Egypt. She received super strength and the ability to control the sands after praying for strength against her oppressors, and what I love most about her is that (like me) she is a strong Jewish woman.”

Sandstorm: The Legend of Adira

The first novel is Sandstorm’s origin story, showing where she comes from and introducing a few major villains which carry through to the second book, while The Plight of Yesterday tells of her saving the world, risking what little she has to lose, and developing her powers. The stories include sci-fi concepts like time travel and magic, as well as ancient and mysterious lore. Monica commented that “Sandstorm is relatable in that her life takes unexpected turns, this makes her story interesting to tell of course, but she always has faith that she’s where she’s supposed to be. Sometimes situations that seem really devastating, are just the start of a really big adventure with opportunities for personal growth.”

Monica has confirmed to FandomWire that she is planning to continue Adira’s stories and is currently working on a third book, although she is keeping the title under wraps for the time being.

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