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“Sanji doesn’t have a policy of not kicking women”: One Piece Live-Action Solves Major Sanji Problem That Became a Hindrance in Anime

One Piece Live-Action Solves Major Sanji Problem That Became a Hindrance in Anime

Despite making many changes in the storyline, the live-action adaptation of One Piece has managed to become a successful series. It has made its name along with the manga and anime and with some new modifications, fans are loving it. Changes like Garp’s inclusion in the first season have created doubt in the minds of fans but still, it is getting all the appreciation that it deserves. One of the biggest changes the creators have made in the series is, that they have changed a major characteristic of one of the most important characters, Sanji. 

Sanji – One Piece

In the manga and Anime, Sanji has been shown as a loverboy/Pervert who falls in love with every woman he interacts with. But this is not the case in the live-action series. He’s no longer an obvious creep to women. He still appears to have feelings for Nami, but now he does not go crazy about it.

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Sanji’s Character Change in One Piece Live-Action

Sanji joined the Straw Hat Pirates, becoming the crew’s cook, to reach the All Blue, a legendary location where all the seas merge into one. He is also a skilled fighter, ranking third among the Straw Hats just behind Luffy and Zoro. His well-intentioned love of women is his major flaw, and it frequently leads him into trouble little more often than not. 

Sanji in One Piece Live Action
Sanji in One Piece Live-Action

Sanji has vowed never to allow women to be harmed or insulted in front of him. This concept is absolute, without regard for how pretty or unattractive women are, and it encompasses even life-or-death situations. From the source material, the live-action series alters a lot about Sanji. Fans of the anime and manga will quickly notice the difference in his character. In the anime and manga, the first time Sanji meets Nami, he is instantly “in love” and overly obsessed with her, but here he’s just nice and charming. This is somewhat opposite to the original character from manga and anime.

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Eiichiro Oda Talks About Sanji as a Character

In an SBS Column, Eiichiro Oda explained the character of Sanji, and why he can’t kick women or hurt them in any manner at all. He said:

“When I drew Sanji vs. Kalifa (Chapter 403), some people lauded Sanji’s stance, and some people felt sorry for him. The truth is, I didn’t want to write those lines. Sanji doesn’t have a “policy” of not kicking women; the truth is that he actually CAN’T kick them. He is a very proud man. I think he was frustrated at that. think Nami recognized that, and chose to praise him for once.”

Sanji in One Piece
Taz Skylar as Sanji in One Piece

The character from the manga and the series share a lot of similarities but the unbound perverseness is not one of them. He believes in the honor of women, and instead of using his obsessive love, he chooses to be rather charming in the live action.

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Written by Tarun Kohli