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Sasha Calle’s Boyfriend: Who is DCU’s Supergirl Currently Dating?

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Sasha Calle, the 21-year actress who has been cast as Supergirl for the DCU, is set to cross paths with Ezra Miller’s The Flash, which is set to release on 16 June 2023. After being cast as Supergirl for DCU the actress has been making headlines, especially with the buzz around DCU and The Flash.

The Flash 2023

Sasha Calle made her debut with Socially Awkward and was shot to fame by a long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless. Born on 17th June 1998 in the USA, Calle had always been interested in performing arts. She began singing at a young age but had no luck, and later switched to acting and secured a role in Socially Awkward. One cannot deny that the actress has come a long way.

DCU’s Supergirl Sasha Calle’s current and past Boyfriends

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Sasha Calle poses in the IMDb exclusive

Calle has rarely discussed her personal life and has categorically avoided talking about her romantic life when questioned. Even though the actress is very active on social media, especially Instagram, and posted many images that directly link her to Supergirl and DCU, almost no image gives us a glimpse of her personal or love life.

Despite this, sources have placed her on the singles chart, saying Sasha is yet to meet the love of her life, preferring to concentrate on her increasing profession. However, some reports have her dating a gorgeous guy, but the information is not verified nor has enough evidence to support such speculations.

There are also speculations that she dated a guy in the past but like her current dating life, her past relationships have escaped media attention. It seems that the actress is not keen on making headlines for her personal life, especially in the age of social media. Calle’s life remains private, her work however is out in the open for her fans to enjoy.

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Sasha Calle played cupid for her mother and now Step-father

Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League
Ezra Miller as Flash in Justice League

Sasha Calle was raised by a single mother Samira Calle. While the 27-year-old actress is single, she helped her mother find the love of her life. She set her mother up with her now stepfather Kevin. Kevin is the manager of an Italian restaurant, and coincidentally, Sasha would visit the restaurant quite often with her mother. Kevin grew a liking towards Samira Calle. The pair began dating soon, and after a short period of courtship, they took vows of holy matrimony.

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“[My mom’s] side of the family is there and she just had this spur-of-the-moment, ‘I wanna move to Colombia! It was a beautiful place but there was a language barrier. I knew Spanish and I could write it, but not to the extreme that everybody else could because that was their day-to-day.”

She continued,

“I had never been to L.A.I came here at 18 and found out that Hollywood’s not really what it looks like on TV.”

The actor opened up about moving to Colombia and living close to her mother who moved there as her family is from the South American country. The actress went to Columbia with her mother at 10 but had to return to the USA soon due to the language barrier and work commitments.

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