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Sauron: 5 Facts That Make Him The Best High Fantasy Villain Of All Time

Sauron 5 Facts That Make Him The Best High Fantasy Villain Of All Time

The Lord of the Rings franchise has given us a plethora of memorable characters both good and bad. Sauron has been the villain who has dominated the consciousness of fantasy fans. He lives in an ancient land that existed way back in history. The mystical villain manages to maintain his sinister aura of his throughout the series of The Lord of the Rings. But this is not all that makes him the best high fantasy villain. Check out the five facts that do too.

1. Sauron’s Use of the Ring

Sauron's Use of the Ring
Sauron’s Use of the Ring

The power of corruption and manipulation in the One Ring of Sauron, helped him pour all his malice and darkness on anyone who came too close to the ring. Anyone who was lured by the power of the Ring of Power became Sauron’s minion. He was able to make the wearer of the ring an extension of his villainy by imbuing himself in the One Ring.

2. He is Invincible

He is Invincible
Sauron is Invincible

Sauron has been around for a long long time before the Fellowship encounters him in The Lord of the Rings movies. According to the story, he has been killed and resurrected. And even without the ability to self-incarnate, Sauron is capable of incredible depravity means he’s almost unstoppable. In The Silmarillion, it has been accounted that he has physically died several times. But that doesn’t mean that he is actually dead just cause his physical form was killed.

3. He’s Purely Evil

Sauron is Purely Evil
He is Purely Evil

Whether a character is good or bad, they have a complex that usually pertains to how much conflict resides within them. But many of these aspects could imply that the bad characters aren’t compelling villains. In Sauron’s case – he assuredly chose the dark side by allying with Morgoth. This obviously is a giveaway that he is just pure evil. He wasn’t forced or had any situations that pushed him to the dark side.

4. His Ability to Manipulate Others

Ability to Manipulate Others
Ability to Manipulate Others

It can be said that a villain is as powerful as his minions. But for Sauron – he can manipulate even the most faithful ones to act as he wants them to. The villain mostly consorted with orcs and Uruk-hai, but he was at his most dangerous when applying his powers of manipulation against anyone weak-minded. He even managed to enter the head of Pippin, when he peered into Palantir. He uses his presence in the One Ring to slowly break Frodo Baggins.

5. He Wields Powerful Magic

Sauron Wields Powerful Magic
Wields Powerful Magic

Sauron, in the form of Maia, helped in the formation of Middle-Earth, the way it is seen in The Lord of the Rings. Although that was thousands of years before the War of the Ring. During the War of the Elves, his magical abilities were astonishing. He was in his prime during the war with the creation of the Ring of Power. He could alter his shape and took the form of a 14-foot tall warlord and a werewolf. After One Ring was created, he used Ring of Power to corrupt the Race of Elves, Men, and Dwarfs.

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