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Sauron Fan Casting: Actors Perfectly Suited To Play LOTR’s Lord Of Evil

Sauron, which signifies “terrible” in Kvenian, is a powerful creature produced from Flame Imperishable by the thought of Iluvatar, the father of everything. He was Morgoth’s most faithful lieutenant, the biggest subversive Maia, the creator of the One Ring, a bright disciple of the Vala Aul.  When it comes to adapting this beloved book series for the big screen, one major question arises: who should play Sauron in this new LOTR? When the power of evil comes into human form, this classic character requires an actor who can be both authoritative and frightening, as well as captivating and clever. Here is a list of the top five actors who could play Sauron in The Lord of the Rings:

1. Mad Mikkelson, the villain we all love to hate

The perfect fit to play Sauron in LOTR
Originally a gymnast and dancer, Mads Mikkelsen achieved great success in the Danish film industry.

We’ve all seen Mads Mikkelsen in a variety of roles, with the 56-year-old actor typically playing a stony-faced antagonist. His roles as the icy Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, the suave and cunning Dr. Lecter in the NBC TV series Hannibal, the ‘bitch’ in Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” video, and the head-lopping Kaecilius in Doctor Strange all immediately spring to mind. Mikkelsen has carved out a successful acting career on screen. As a result, this remarkably charming actor, capable of issuing smooth yet steely commands, would be ideal for the role of Sauron.

2. Bryan Cranston, the star of Breaking Bad

One actors we wish to see as Sauron in LOTR
American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter: Bryan Cranston.

Bryan Cranston is very popular among Hollywood hiring agencies and fans are anxious to see more of him in whatever role. Thus, it’s a clear signal that he’d be fantastic as Sauron. Few actors can harness his versatility and spark in such enthrallingly dramatic ways. Furthermore, he’s an accomplished actor with a considerable amount of depth. His breakthrough performance as Walter White in Breaking Bad showed fans that he could play both gentle and murderous characters with stunning realism.

3. Mark Strong of Shazam! fame

One of the actors who would be great as Sauron in LOTR
British actor Mark Strong, often cast in roles as a cold, calculating villain.

Mark Strong’s name isn’t as well-known as some of the other actors on this list. However, his evil character in Shazam! and other notable roles on TV, such as Low Winter Sun, have kept him afloat in Hollywood in recent years. The British actor is attractive in an unnatural way, and he has a powerful, growly voice that makes him appear frightening and makes him the center of attention. The actor also possesses piercing eyes, which make him an obvious candidate for this sinister role.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal, the most unconventional choice on the list

One of the best choices to play Sauron in LOTR
American actor who has appeared in over 35 motion pictures, 3 TV shows, 1 commercial, and 4 music videos.

Jake Gyllenhaal has represented antagonists before, most notably Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far from Home, but he’s perhaps never gone very far. It’s possible that playing Sauron in Lord of the Rings will benefit him in this quest. The popular actor is also due to appear in Michael Bay’s upcoming thriller Ambulance as Danny Sharp. He’s a veteran bank robber who finds himself commandeering an ambulance as an escape car when an attempted theft goes tragically wrong.

5. Oscar-winning actor: Javier Bardem

One of the top actors we wish to see as Sauron in LOTR
Spanish actor known for his roles in blockbusters & foreign films and several accolades.

Bardem’s face, which is one of the most recognizable in cinema, is built for tough and powerful roles. Picasso-angled nose, which was fittingly fractured in a bar brawl when he was 19, is complemented with hooded eyes. He’s portrayed some of cinema’s most heinous villains. The actor possesses the ability to be seductively terrifying, while also possessing a sexy accent and appealing features. With all of this in mind, Javier Bardem appears to be the ideal fit for the role of Sauron in Lord of the Rings.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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