Saved By The Bell: Fan Favorite Characters That Deserve A Season 3 Cameo.

Saved By The Bell is an American television sitcom broadcast from August 20, 1989. Sam Bobrick creates the comedy series for NBC. The series was a powerhouse sitcom back in its day and never failed to entertain the audience. This old classic had a rough start, but the second season was more exciting. When the show didn’t gain much traction in the beginning, Disney canceled it. Later, NBC picked up the series, and Engel worked on it. The series starts with “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” follows a group of high school friends and their journey. The show was named one of the 20 Best School Shows of All Time by AOL TV. Let’s see some favorite characters that deserve a season 3 cameo.

J.B. Slater is a strong independent woman: Rana Haugen played the character of J.B. Slater. She is an independent woman who is a girlfriend to Zack Morris. She knows that her brother A.C Slater loves her from the heart but gets annoyed when she starts dating Zack. Later on, when A.C. realizes that Zack is a womanizer, it makes him possessive, angry, and protective brother. This whole cycle is such a fun part of the series. It will be good to see J.B. Slater in season three.

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Violet Anne Bickerstaff is a nerdy gal pal of Screech: Violet Anne Bickerstaff is girlfriend to Diamonds Samuel, also known as Screech. Tori Spelling portrayed this character. Violet is a nerdy dull type girl who first appeared at a house party. Her boyfriend Samuel Power rescues Violet from her previous abusive boyfriend, Maxwell Nerdstrom. Their relationship was an excellent treat to the show, where she abruptly disappeared. It would be great to see if Violet is still a nerdy self that grew out as we saw her years ago.

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Ginger Baldwin, a super sweet blonde girl: Bridgette Wilson-Sampras portrayed Ginger’s beautiful character. She is super sweet, slightly ditzy, and a forgetful little girl. Ginger is also beautiful with curly blond and sparkly brown eyes. She is also a waitress at the Max, where she often messes up everyone’s order and has a few dates with Zack. Ginger is a beloved character by fans. As long as she has the same charisma, it would be a treat for the audience to see her again.

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Eric Tramer, Spanos wicked stepbrother: Joshua Hoffman portrayed the character of Eric Tramer. He is Jessie Spanos’ wicked stepbrother and the main antagonist of the teenage sitcom Saved By The Bell. Eric is a hotshot from New York who is blunt, offensive, and a troublemaker. His tricks of bribing Jessie’s friends are why he moves in from New York. Jessie’s dream of having a sibling turns into a nightmare when Eric turns out to be an evil spawn. It’s a good story for the show with a memorable antagonist.

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