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#SaveLegendsOfTomorrow: Why HBO Max Should Make Legends of Tomorrow Season 8

In what was a massive setback to the CW machine, the network cancelled a slew of shows. From new shows like Naomi to The 4400 and Legacies, many productions became the target of a major network wide downsizing. But the greatest victim of this cutdown was definitely Legends of Tomorrow. The show was going strong and no one ever thought that it would be put down so abruptly. Here’s why we think Legends of Tomorrow season 8 deserves to return back to the small screen fold via HBO Max. The streaming giant could do what The CW couldn’t – give Legends of Tomorrow season 8 a proper comeback.

Legends Of Tomorrow Had A Cliffhanger Season 7 Ending

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Finale
Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Finale

After the Legends defeated the evil Gideon and saved all of time, their rebuilt Waverider was stolen by a man named mike. Mike returned later in the episode, seemingly feeling guilty for his actions. And then agents from an unannounced enforcement agency swoop in and take the team into custody. Mike was revealed to be the time traveling hero Booster Gold and the guy was just bait for a trap. Season 7’s epic ending warrants a more closer look at the entire Booster Gold twist. We also need to know how and why this new agency is after the crew of the Waverider.

The Show Had A Fun Vibe That Other Arrowverse Shows Lack

Legends was 'guilt-free' DC Entertainment at its finest
Legends was ‘guilt-free’ DC Entertainment at its finest

To be honest, past few seasons of Legends of Tomorrow were not the best and brightest of the lot. But Season 7 was where The CW put their money where the mouth is. New characters, new twists and turns, and all new villains were introduced. The last few seasons made things a bit too serious and fans cried foul. Legends of Tomorrow was always a fun show to begin with. It mixed up things with a lot of humour in between scenes and it really brought out the best from the cast. It is very hard to find such a level of camaraderie and vibe in other The CW shows of the DC universe.

HBO Max Is The Perfect Choice For LoT Season 8

Legends of Tomorrow Season 8
Legends of Tomorrow – HBO Max Renewal?

It is not like it hasn’t done it in the past. Lucifer was also cast aside by its network. But it ended up being a sleeper hit of epic proportions after the Netflix takeover. It did pretty well for a show that everyone claimed was a ‘lost cause’. Legends of Tomorrow deserves the same Lucifer treatment. Under new management and leadership, this show could do wonders.

Fandomwire Video
Legends of Tomorrow season 6
Legends of Tomorrow – we need it back!!

Moreover, the streaming giant is scrambling to increase profits after tying up with the DC Universe. It needs stable and steady shows that have an established fan base if they want to grow and thrive. The Arrowverse shows are already available on HBO max in various countries all over the globe. It wouldn’t be too unusual if HBO Max ends up buying the rights of Legends of Tomorrow from The CW and make a season 8 out of it.

How Would Legends Of Tomorrow Season 8 Turn Out?

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 8
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Under the leadership of HBO Max, this is one show that could truly prosper. But since it is a show heavily connected to the Arrowverse, fans would expect it to not overlap with other HBO Max DC shows like Peacemaker. For now, DC is doing well with standalone projects. Continuity management is not their forte and they are light years behind Marvel at nailing that.

HBO Max - Black Canary, Batgirl
HBO Max – Black Canary, Batgirl

Legends of Tomorrow Season 8, if HBO Max, deems it necessary, could crossover with a few other DC characters like Black Canary and Batgirl. Both are subjects of upcoming HBO Max DC projects and would make well for a crossover episode arc. The Legends of Tomorrow deserve a proper ending to their time-hopping run. HBO Max could give them that. Whether it is as Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 or a movie – that is up for debate.


For now, fans are clamoring for DC to bring back this iconic show by any means necessary.

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