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‘Saw him in the Superman movie… Kind of pissed me off’: Ben Affleck Claimed Henry Cavill’s Chiseled Physique Was Why He Pushed Himself as Batman – ‘Hated every minute of it’

Ben Affleck Batman vs Henry Cavill Superman

For the new generation of DC fans, Henry Cavill’s face is stamped on Superman’s face, which is only a testament to how loved he is as Clark Kent. But all that love doesn’t just come out of nowhere, you have to look the part to be the part, and Cavill’s physique is the perfect copy of the comic version of Clark Kent.

DC fans admire Cavill’s hard work in getting that body for Man of Steel, but there’s one of his peers that straight up just took inspiration from him to prepare for his role in another DC movie. Ben Affleck is last decade’s Batman, and he’s also got a rocking physique that was fueled by competition from Cavill.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
L to R: Affleck as Batman and Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Ben Affleck Jealous Of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Build

Christian Bale’s Batman display in Christopher Nolan’s brilliant The Dark Knight trilogy is a contender for, if not the most impressive, one of the best superhero performances in cinema history.

So it must’ve been quite the hassle trying to replace Bale after his departure, and although Ben Affleck‘s portrayal of Batman may not have been favored by many he definitely matched the rugged and ripped look.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Affleck as Bruce Wayne

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While we can give credit to Affleck for all the hard work put into his physique for his character, he’s openly admitted that he took a lot of inspiration (and envy) from his DC counterpart Henry Cavill.

During an appearance on the first episode of season nineteen of The Graham Norton Show, Affleck spoke about how envious he was of Cavill’s Man of Steel –

“Yeah I saw him in the Superman movie before and I was…it kinda pissed me off because I hoped that he’d be kinda normal looking. He’s the alien and I’m just a man and so I can kinda roll out of bed but no, we worked out every day and uh… I hated every minute of it and I was glad when it was over.”

Norton further quizzed Affleck by asking him if he really thought Cavill’s arms were that big, to which Affleck replies in a hilarious fashion-

“That was when we slept together.”

Their bromance (yes we know they literally fought against each other in BvS) is quite adorable, and it’s great to know that at least one inspires the other to push his limits!

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Demands For Henry Cavill’s Superman Return Never Ends

Henry Cavill’s debut as Superman in Man of Steel has been lauded by as being the perfect example of how the character should be portrayed in a live-action adaptation – good-looking, strong, charismatic, brave, and good-hearted.

Cavill has definitely left a marker of impression upon DC fans ever since his DCEU debut, and fans just cannot have enough of him. Zack Snyder’s Justice League marks the last official appearance of Cavill in any DC project.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Cavill as Superman

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However, that is up to the future to decide, although WB has the right to pull the strings. Rumors of the 39-year-old actor’s return as Clark Kent in the post-credits scene of the upcoming Black Adam movie have only teased his fans, and they want more of him in the DCEU.

DC Twitter has been in an endless protest demanding Cavill’s much sought-after return as Superman, and they’re still at it up to this day-


More than ever! –

A simple but loud statement-

No other will do-

Henry Cavill is currently mixed up in a hefty schedule as he prepares for the release of his spy movie Argylle and Enola Holmes 2. He’s also slated to star in a movie adaptation of Graeme Simsion’s novel The Rosie Project, which casts a cloud of doubt about his possible Superman return.

Man of Steel is currently available for streaming on HBO Max and Netflix.

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