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‘Saying NWH doesn’t have soul is ridiculous’: Internet Slams Maisie Williams for Saying Spider-Man: No Way Home Lacked ‘Soul’

Maisie Williams

Spider-Man: No Way Home hasn’t even been out for more than a year and people are still talking about it, but the billion-dollar grossing box office bomb is not without its flaws. While there may be many that think that the movie was substandard, you wouldn’t have expected criticism from Arya Stark of all people.

No Way Home was a treat for fans of the web-slinging superhero in the MCU as it offered a tri-casting of the most popular faces to represent Spider-Man ever, in one single movie! The most recent rounds of criticism offered to the ensemble-led Spider-Man movie comes from Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who questions the lack of ‘soul’ in the movie.

Spider-Man FandomWire
Maisie Williams

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Maisie Williams Isn’t A Big Fan Of The Latest Spider-Man Movie

Not everyone has been so loving of Spider-Man: No Way Home. People and critics alike are not too fond of Marvel’s decision to overcomplicate the movie and were especially not a fan of Peter Parker’s bland character development, let alone feel put off by the fan service that was pushed down on to viewers.

Spider-Man FandomWire
The ensemble cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home

However, it was still the stuff of dreams for fans of the Sam Raimi trilogy and those who liked Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of the character, as the two Spider-Men teamed up with this generation’s new Peter Parker, the charismatic Tom Holland, in a thrilling movie that bought back villains from Raimi’s previous work!

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Now comes the latest piece of critique from one of the most well-known actors in TV history. Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams gave her opinion on No Way Home in her Frank Film Club podcast, and she didn’t like it at all-

“It just wasn’t my fave. They had Benedict Cumberbatch come in and play Doctor Strange. And then they had the three Spider-Men all together. It was that one.”

“I feel like they were just so excited to get them all on screen together that it just missed a little bit of the soul. But I love this new reboot and I will watch the next one. But it was just a little bit disappointing.”

“I just think that they started exploring so much. Like, I was so with these characters. Just above it being Spider-Man, I was loving the journey of each film. But this one felt like it was lacking just a little bit.”

She further concluded her view on the movie by adding that she had different reactions to Aunt May’s death in the Andrew Garfield reboot compared to her death in No Way Home-

“Aunt May died, and in that Andrew Garfield reboot I was sobbing, and like when Aunt May died [in ‘No Way Home’] the pacing of it, I was like ‘Oh, somehow I don’t really care.’ Maybe I’ve changed.”

The funny thing is, Aunt May didn’t die in any of the Andrew Garfield-led movies for Spider-Man! A blunder in Williams’ reviewer journey.

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Maisie Williams’ Critique Of Spider-Man: No Way Home Triggers Fans

Maisie Williams’ comments on the latest Spider-Man have come out of nowhere and honestly it’s a bit harsh, but hey, it’s her podcast so she can do what she wants.

Spider-Man FandomWire
Maisie Williams and Tom Holland

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There, however, has been a lot of backlash towards her opinions on No Way Home, and as you know Marvel fans exist in millions, and attack in thousands! Twitter picked up on the Pistol star’s scathing review, and they are now rallied against her-

Her role in The New Mutants, which got poor reviews, is haunting her down-

This comic panel is a classic-

She has her opinions-

To be fair, No Way Home was still a brilliant movie, at least for long-time fans of the character –

Maisie Williams may have been a Game of Thrones star, but she’s definitely not a star in the eyes of any Spider-Man fan for now!

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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