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Scariest Arrowverse Villains That Make Marvel Villains Look Like Chumps

The Arrowverse franchise does not fall behind in having the evilest and ferocious zombies destroy the whole universe. Although Arrowverse lacks the budget from its counterpart, Marvel, the franchise has a vast storyline which is possible only because of having a huge cast. As a result, the show’s threats are of a wide variety which certainly can give you shivers down your spine. Here are the ten scariest Arrowverse villains that make Marvel villains look like chumps:

10. The Anti-Monitor: Originated from the antimatter universe, he is a megalomaniac who is always looking for destruction of the universe. He can unleash antimatter into the universe, causing them to die with little to no effort.

The Anti-Monitor

9. Dark Arrow: In the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, the Arrowverse superheroes are up against themselves but from another world. This world of Nazis is a typical troupe, but in turn, they are savages. Their leader is the Dark Arrow, the Nazi version of Oliver Queen, which shows how a hero could be different.

Dark Arrow

8. Prometheus: Prometheus is just a regular human instead of the many supernatural threat in the show. His motive is to avenge the murder of his dad, which is quite understandable, but his approach is flawed. He uses brutal torture and kills innocent people who have nothing to do with his problem.


7. Deathstroke: After getting injected with Mirakuru serum which turned the person into a super-soldier but at the cost of their self-control, he was unstoppable. He couldn’t control himself, and neither could anyone else. He came very close to even killing Oliver Queen.


6. Black Flash: The only thing about zombies is slow, apart from being undead. This changes when Time Wraiths gets a hold of Zolomon and turn into the Black Flash. He has the features of a zombie and can bolt like the Flash. These powers made him a pretty unstoppable force.

 Black Flash

5. The Toyman: Making harmless kid’s toys into a deadly killing machine is something only Winslow Schott Sr. would do. He turned playthings into deadly weapons which could harm the other person viciously. Then, he unleashed these toys on Supergirl, making him one of the scariest villains.

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4. Neron: He has the power to force anyone to do anything that he wants. Apart from having a disfigured face and scary looks, he can possess anyone, making him very powerful as he can make someone do anything. He even demonstrates this on Ray Palmer, who was already terrified by it.


3. Reverse Flash: Having the potential to challenge Flash, which in itself is a vast thing, having the superpower of speed that can be used to get in and out of any place without anybody noticing. He was a challenge for Barry Allen, but his brutal personality, who gave no mercy to people, made him even more dangerous.


2. Overgirl: In the face of Crisis on Earth-X, Supergirl faces herself but a Nazi version. This is a typical troupe used simply because the most influential figure on Earth turning against itself is frightening.


1. The Doll Maker: The gruesome manner in which he kills his victims sure gives shivers down the spine. He stands out amongst everyone else by presenting his victims as human dolls, which shows his sheer misogyny.

The Dollmaker

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