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School Children “Re-Enacting” Squid Game Resulting in Schoolyard Fights

ReviewSchool children are re-enacting Squid Game causing schoolyard fights. Netflix’s Squid Game hit the screens of the audience on September 17. And since then the show has become one of the most-watched and discussed shows on the streaming platform. To date, the show is watched in 142 million households across the world. This is definitely an amazing achievement for the platform and the show despite less marketing campaign. And most of the cast is strictly Korean-speaking.

School Children "Re-Enacting" Squid Game Resulting in Schoolyard Fights!
Squid Game Poster

Negative Impact of Squid Game

Although the show is popular, it has had a negative impact. There have been reports where school students are trying to “re-enact” the games from the show resulting in some fights.

If you still hadn’t watched Squid Game, here’s a short synopsis of the show. Squid Game follows a group of contestants who are competing in childhood games. The winner will get enough money to pay his/her debts. However, if a contestant loses, it results in their death. Although the show has resonated with the audience in different aspects such as capitalism, greed, and ethics, it has shown some negative effects.

School Children "Re-Enacting" Squid Game Resulting in Schoolyard Fights!
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As recently reported by ComicBook, the school administration has warned parents about students playing games inspired by the show leading to schoolyard fights. In fact, a school in Belgium Communal d’Erquelinnes Centre wrote a post on Facebook warning the parents of the effects of the show since the show is not appropriate for children to watch. Here’s the post:

“We are very vigilant to stop this unhealthy and dangerous game! We rely on your support and collaboration to raise awareness of the consequences this can bring about. Penalties will be imposed on the children who will continue this game (to hit other children).”

Although the show is not age-appropriate, the choice of children’s games is certainly interesting. This helps the show to intensify the story as there are dire consequences of playing simple games such as tug of war. This is also why children have an interest in the first place. Although the fictional world eliminates the losers, it is not something you want to teach the kids. Even though the Squid Game creators didn’t intend this to happen.

What’s Next for Squid Game?

School Children "Re-Enacting" Squid Game Resulting in Schoolyard Fights!
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Squid Game will get a second season considering the cliffhanger ending and the popularity. However, it is uncertain whether children’s games will be a part of the second season or not.

In the case of kids, Squid Game might not be able to deliver a positive impact for real-life school children.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Aditi Thosar