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Sci-Fi Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now!

2 Sci Fi shows you should be watching right now

In these trying times of uncertainty, it’s always fun to distract ourselves by whisking away to another realm, phasing away from our constantly negative news cycle. Countless universes, unfathomable worlds, and colorful characters are wonderful ways to sit back and relax. Let us declutter your minds with great stories. Featuring blaster slinging bounty hunters, teams of space explorers and everything in between, here are some Sci-Fi shows to sink your teeth (and hours of time) into.

1: The Mandalorian (Disney+)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a riveting story of a man and his surrogate son plays out through the backdrop of gorgeous landscapes and fantastical creatures. In this Disney+ exclusive, we follow Mando, the Lone Ranger bounty hunter and Beskar covered unconventional hero. Throughout this journey set in the sci-fi Star Wars universe, our hero finds himself chased down by friends and foes for the glory of bringing in The Child (Baby ‘Yoda’), who started as just another bounty waiting to be brought in. Bringing new characters to the mix, Mandalorian proves that you don’t need a Skywalker to make great live action Star Wars stories. Shoot outs, stand-offs, and negotiations shower this show with tense moments and thrilling action, while The Child brings much needed moments of laughter.

2: Rick and Morty (Hulu, Adult Swim)

If you’re in great pain and plead for help, then wubbu lubba dub dub your way over to the infinite realties of Rick and Morty. This animated sci-fi comedy follows the titular grandpa Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith through adventures throughout the multiverse, with wacky and colorful characters never in short supply. Who can forget the likes of Mr. Poopy Butthole, Squanchy, Bird Person and oh so much more? The alternate realities themselves can sometimes be a character of their own, most are dizzying arrays of colors and scenic landscapes. Others, however, can be just like ours with tiny changes (like Jerry Smith being a famous actor, instead of a useless father). If you want to get schwifty, Rick and Morty is the show to get you there.

3: The Midnight Gospel (Netflix)

Created by the man who brought us Adventure time Pendleton Ward and comedian Duncan Trussell, Midnight Gospel is a trip. The show follows Duncan’s travels through grand simulated worlds in search of interviews for his Space Cast. Each simulation carries its own episode, with dazzlingly psychedelic visuals and subtle, calming interviews. The subject matter is just as mind expanding as the art itself, speaking about life, death and the universe. Each new simulation brings a new topic, with mind-boggling realizations for both Duncan and the viewer. Even with mayhem all around them, each interview happens with surprisingly mellow back and forth conversations. Midnight Gospel tackles feelings of existentialism and spirituality, while not pulling back on creative fun and colorful, gorgeous scenery.

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4. The Twilight Zone (Netflix, Hulu)

A strange place with no one in sight, an interesting fellow at a card game, a conversation with death himself. The original Twilight Zone series (1963) has this and much, much more. Each episode contains a mind boggling story and thought provoking characters. Take a trip into a whole new dimension through the normal looking wooden door. Some may be turned off by the old school black and white show, but stick it through, it’s worth it. Considered a classic show amongst sci-fi fans, Twilight Zone has something for everyone. Rod Sterling takes us all on a truly trippy experience through each episode, only question is, can you take it?

5: 3% (Netflix)

Imagine the Hunger Games got its own show, but instead of shooting bows it’s mind games. That is 3%. Many in the Inland dream of something more, something better. The elite have all but vanished, taken to the Offshore by their wit and strength. There is only one way in, The Process. Many try to compete in it, but only 3% of contestants can actually make it in. Filled with tense contests, fierce competition and a dense conspiracy, 3% has it all. It’s the second non-english show Netflix ever made, but don’t worry there’s a dub available.

Written by Victor Tirado Jr.

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