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Scream: Latest TikTok Feature Reads Your Text In Ghostface Actor’s Voice

Scream Latest TikTok Feature Reads Your Text In Ghostface Actors Voice

Ahead of its release in January, Scream has partnered with social media platform TikTok to let users use the voice of Ghostface for its text-to-read function as a new marketing tactic. Scheduled to be released this January, Roger L. Jackson will be returning to once again play the iconic role since his first appearance back in 1996.

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In the first installment of Scream, voice acting legend Tom Kane who has provided his voice for iconic roles such as Magneto, Yoda, and Admiral Ackbar was considered for the role of Ghostface killer. However, director Wes Craven decided to stick with Roger L. Jackson instead, immortalizing him in the genre as an unforgettable character for years to come.


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As part of a promotion of the upcoming fifth installment of the franchise, the film’s official Twitter handle revealed that they have partnered with TikTok enabling users to post Jackson’s Ghostface voice as a part of the app’s text-to-speech function. After filming the clips, users can add their desired captions which can be read in the creepy and spine-chilling voice of Ghostface by tapping the text and selecting the Scream voice. The official Twitter handle of the movie also posted a tutorial video for users to easily grasp the process. Check it out below:

In the franchise, different characters don the Ghostface mask and attire to terrorize Sidney and the town of Woodsboro. However, Roger L. Jackson has been the constant voice actor for the character throughout the movies. As the character terrorizes Sidney and others only through the phone while staying virtually mute when in person, actor David Arquette even admitted that he has never met Jackson on the set. As a new killer will now take up the mantle of Ghostface, fans will at least be looking forward to Jackson’s legendary voice despite being unaware of the real killer behind the mask.


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Prior to the latest TikTok promotion using Ghostface’s voice, Scream had previously launched a Woodsboro Horror Film Club page on Facebook to share information and trivia about the movie. Nonetheless, the TikTok promotion seems to be the most exciting as now users can use Jackson’s voice for their own devious purposes to play some practical pranks with their friends and family.

Scream is scheduled to release on January 14, 2022.

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