Screenbound is Minecraft and Pokémon Put Together, and it May be the Most Unique Concept in Gaming for Years

Players are incredibly excited about this new concept.

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  • Screenbound is a new game that proposes a 5D platformer experience.
  • Mixing features from games like Minecraft and Pokémon, this title offers unique gameplay.
  • Crescent Moon Games is developing this game and plans to release it on Steam.
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When a very original game and concept are revealed in an indie title, the organic reception makes the future game go viral. This is what is happening with Screenbound.


This title combines two fantastic concepts into a single experience, such as Pokémon and Minecraft, utilizing both 2D and 3D perspectives, all within a stunning setting. The studio behind the project is Crescent Moon Games, and according to the Steam page of the title, it will be a 5D platformer where environmental puzzles are the main mechanics.

Screenbound, the First 5D Game

Screenbound a new very original game that is making players eager to play.
Screenbound a new very original game that is making players eager to play.

Occasionally, an independent game emerges with a unique concept that no other IP has previously explored. Screenbound is one of these titles. This title will mix Minecraft and Pokémon features with a very particular gameplay that, according to the studio, is 5D, mixing 2D with 3D at the same time, making the players really think about the next move to avoid losing due to a miscalculation.


This title will transport the character to a platformer-like setting after playing with the Quantum Boy, a beautiful reference to the Nintendo portable console that will be key to the gameplay.

Screenbound - A game about being distracted (Wishlist now live!)

Once the player is in this new world, they will use the Quantum Boy to move through the level. The console can initiate a new path by acting as the main screen in 2D, even when you are moving in a 3D scenario.

The Formula Incorporates Elements of Both Minecraft and Pokémon

Mixing mechanics from Minecraft and Pokémon.
Mixing mechanics from Minecraft and Pokémon.

Each level will feature environmental puzzles to solve, utilizing a combination of the two main mechanics and the 2D console to navigate in 3D space. Crescent Moon Games is developing this independent game. By pressing the buttons on the console, you can perform actions within the level, such as kicking boxes, to advance to the next level. The fans’ reactions are very positive, talking about how Screenbound will make your brain hurt with puzzles.


According to the studio, the game will test the limits of dimensional space by making you think outside the box to pass to the next level by interacting with the items in the console, which are really in a 3D space.

In the story, the character finds the QBoy (Quantum Boy) in the garage, an invention that your mom created, only to later discover that it will literally transport you to the game, making for an amazing gaming experience. 

Although Screenbound has not yet launched, players can already wishlist the game on Steam. The studio has not yet confirmed whether it will be available on other platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch, PS5, or Xbox One S/X. Fans and users on social media are very excited about this game’s premise, hope to play it as soon as possible. The studio has not even talked about a possible release date.


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