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Sean Connery Was So Devoted To His Wife He Refused to Take His Wedding Ring Off for $14.8B Franchise

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Sean Connery remains to be a legendary actor who immortalized his name with the iconic role of James Bond. The role brought him immense fame that managed to make things for his career skyrocket unstoppably. He became the face of Agent 007, still managing to be the original actor who brought to life a franchise loved by every generation. His dedication to the role, however, was surpassed by only one other.

Sean Connery embodied the 007 franchise's first Bond
Sean Connery embodied the 007 franchise’s first Bond

During the release of Goldfinger, the world was set ablaze with the wonderous likes of a spy that could possibly grip the entire world with his story. While the story of the spy sees him to be a very different man, Connery, on the contrary, was quite the opposite.

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Sean Connery Refused To Take His Wedding Band Off

Sean Connery changed the world with his amazing acting as a spy. James Bond very quickly became a household name along with Connery himself. He envisioned the character’s personality in the best possible way and did not shy away from giving his best. Dr. No brought about a character everyone wanted to be and wanted to see on the big screen. However, there was one primary character trait that the actor did not go hand in hand with.

One of the actors who rejected hit roles for stupid reason.
Late Scottish actor, the first actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond on film.

James Bond is known to be a charmer who has a way with women. While he is a classic “womanizer,” Connery happened to be the exact opposite. The actor was so dedicated to his wife that he refused to take his wedding rings off. This is not an unusual request for actors seeing that Peter Capaldi did the same while filming Doctor Who. However, the very idea of Connery’s ring conflicted with Bond’s entire personality of him remaining single. There was a lot of back and forth regarding whether the ring would be worn at all or not during the filming. However, in the end, both parties chose to compromise.

Connery decided to wear a flesh-colored band-aid with a lot of heavy makeup on the finger so as to not remove the ring from his finger. While it was a complicated task, it was one that the actor was glad he could pull off.

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Sean Connery Broke Things Off With Diane Cilento

Sean Connery and Diane Cilento got married in 1962, two years before the filming of Goldfinger began. Due to various differences the two parted ways in 1971 with their divorce being finalized in 1973. Cilento claimed that the actor was heavily abusive towards her both physically and emotionally.

Sean Connery
Sean Connery

Cilento remarried in 1985, tying the knot with Anthony Shaffer. Connery on the other hand got married to Micheline Roquebrune only a year after his divorce.

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