Never Mind Fortnite. With Season 12, Naraka Bladepoint Is the Best Battle Royale Out There

Season 12 of Bladepoint is looking spectacular.

Bruce Lee naraka bladepoint and Fortnite


  • Naraka Bladepoint is a melee-focused Battle Royale title.
  • It was initially pay-to-play but is now free-to-play and has more than 250 thousand daily players.
  • Its Season 12 update and overall unique gameplay offerings make it a must-try.
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Naraka Bladepoint was a title that was appreciated by players for its offerings when it initially came out. But gamers had reservations regarding the game’s novel format and weren’t entirely sure if it was worth their hard-earned money.


However, the game went free-to-play in July 2023 with its PS5 launch and became accessible to everyone. Season 12, which came out this year, is easily a much better Battle Royale game than many of its contemporaries, including Fortnite.

Why Naraka Bladepoint’s Season 12 Is Incredible

Season 12 for the game changes things up for the characters.
Season 12 of the game changes things up for the characters.

Naraka Bladepoint came under fire recently for not allowing players to take a break and snatching their chamber leadership if they were away. Setting that aside, most game fans will see plenty of value in its latest Season 12 offerings.


Naraka Bladepoint’s makers teased Season 12 with a spectacular trailer, but a dev talk was also posted before the season update.

Naraka Dev Talk: Season 12 Preview | Naraka:Bladepoint

The first change made by the developers is the rework of the glyph system, making it a lot more accessible for newcomers and a lot more straightforward for veterans to optimize their builds.


The existing heroes in Naraka Bladepoint have received a rework, and a new one has been added to the game, called Lyam Liu. The existing heroes, like Tianhai and Hadi, have also received gameplay balancing changes to keep things fresh in the game’s meta. Some other players have also been switched up.

Perhaps the best offering for new players in Season 12 is the new casual game mode called Hot Potato Counter. This game mode in Naraka Bladepoint isn’t focused on combos but on striking a sphere to launch it on enemies to inflict damage and pass it to teammates for coordination.

Why You Should Try Naraka Bladepoint in 2024

The gameplay of Naraka Bladepoint is truly unique and spectacular.
The gameplay of Naraka Bladepoint is truly unique and spectacular.

As stated earlier, Naraka Bladepoint isn’t perfect and has several issues, such as the game’s community. Despite such problems, the game should be on one’s to-play list because its skill ceiling is much more beginner-friendly than that of its contemporaries.


Also, the active player count is not low, with its 24-hour peak on Steam Charts amounting to more than 250,000 players. It is also easy to learn and hard to master, and it is melee-focused instead of solely focused on learning weapon spray patterns and building complex structures, akin to many of its contemporaries.

Moreover, it has 18 characters with three different skills; if one combines that with different weapon choices and unique gameplay, the game emerges as one of a kind. So, if one is looking for an excellent battle royale game but wouldn’t mind being melee-based, Naraka is the way to go.

What do you think of the game if you have played it? And if you haven’t, would you like to try it? Let us know in the comments below!


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