Top 5 Heart-Stopping Scenes From Season 5 Of Netflix’s Money Heist


Now that Volume 1 of the fifth season of Netflix’s Money Heist is out, fans are clamoring for its second part which is slated for a December release. The show ended on a heartbreaking yet cliffhanger scene. The entirety of the five episodes brought another heart-pumping experience for fans of the series.

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Each episode contains lots of drama, action, and gripping moments when you just want to smash your screen. Above all that, the show gave five breathtaking scenes that pushed the audience to the edge of their seats. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.



Arturo Roman Money Heist

The most hated man on television, Arturo Roman, is back and getting revenge against the team. When he and his fellow hostages found their arsenal, he pulled out a flamethrower and started aiming at them.


Monica, his ex-girlfriend, jumped from the ceiling and shot him. She tried to resuscitate Arturo but his pulse isn’t coming back. The team helped get a defibrillator and oxygen until he showed signs of life.

Birth Plan

Alicia Sierra Money Heist


While arguing with the Professor, Inspector Alicia Sierra’s water broke, leaving her no choice but to give birth in a filthy dump. She was stubborn about giving birth alone. Seeing that the baby is not in the correct position, the Professor insisted on helping her. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Victoria.

Viking Treasure

Berlin Money Heist


The flashback scenes where Berlin encourages his son, Rafael, to join him in a heist was his debut on the show. Together with Tatiana, Bogota, and Marseille, they planned to steal a national treasure. After getting their hands on the Viking treasure, Berlin threw it out of the window.

Rafael was stricken with disappointment not knowing his father’s plan. As they sail on a boat, the briefcase containing the treasure floated in the water. It turns out that Bogota was waiting for the briefcase in the river.


Stuck And Lots Of Blood


The explosion on the rooftop shook the entire building causing Helsinki severe injury. As he was stacking up to block the doorway, the shock threw him out and a colossal boulder fell on his leg and trapped him to death.


As Palermo and the team came to save him, he was hanging onto life and death. They needed to amputate his leg but Palermo would not assent. They took a hanging beam off and used it as a lever to remove the boulder.

Guardian Angel

Tokyo Money Heist


The finale scene of the show took the audience’s breath away as the intensity of the situation increases and there’s no way for them to survive. When Tokyo, Denver, and Manila were cornered in the pantry, it was too late when they found out about the dumbwaiter. Now Tokyo had to stay and buy them some time.

Rio drilled a hole below for Tokyo to escape to but she insisted that she needs to stay. As the military came into a close fight with Tokyo, they started shooting at her. She falls to the ground and with a smile, she showed Gandia the grenades on her chest.


Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 is now streaming on Netflix.


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