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‘Something Go Horribly Wrong?’: Marvel Fans Convinced Secret Invasion Will Be a Bust After Rumours of Cripplingly Long 4 Month Reshoots

As Marvel stumbles through the second year of its fourth phase, it once again finds itself in the predicament of reshoots, becoming the norm. The highly anticipated series Secret Invasion is rumored to be in reshoots according to the Entertainment scooper Daniel Richtman.


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Marvel Secret Invasion rumored to be in reshoots
Marvel Secret Invasion rumored to be in reshoots

The Secret Invasion plotline is expected to expand on the lore of the alien race Skrulls. With being teased in various films such as Spider-Man: Far from Home, Captain Marvel, WandaVision, and Loki, they have been teased plenty enough to warrant their series.

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Skrulls in the Marvel comics

According to the comic-book rendition of the Secret Invasion plotline, the Skrulls are expected to have embedded themselves into human society and important groups for quite some time. They’re led by the Skrull Princess Veranke who ends up decimating the Avengers.

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Skrull Stories in Marvel comics
Who are the Skrulls?

This description of Skrulls may seem odd compared to their on-screen counterparts, and they are. In the comics, they’re shown as a mixed bag of evil and good Skrulls battling against the Kree, but in the MCU, they have been shown a very sympathetic light. Though they may still culminate in being evil as we have only seen a handful of them.


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Fans are bewildered as reshoots run amok

For any franchise that is as intertwined with their fan’s involvement as Marvel is, issues in production and writing are bound to cause an uproar on Twitter, and it has.


With Daniel Richtman reporting on his Patreon that reshoots will start in two weeks and last for four months, fans are concerned with the quality of the series.

One of the speculated reasons for reshoots is the setting of the show. A significant portion of the show is expected to be set in Russia and considering the conflict raging between Ukraine and Russia, the studio might’ve decided to take the safer option and reshoot somewhere else.
MCU veteran Samuel J. Jackson, who stars as Nick Fury also confirmed that he is returning to the sets for reshoots. He stated that there is still work to be done on the series. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be negative.
Fans talk about the Secret Invasion reshoots
Fans talk about the Secret Invasion reshoots

The series was set to release in 2022 due to the pandemic, but with the reshoots, they can go in 2023. Not only are Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn and Cobie Smulders returning to the sets of Marvel, but we will see Emilia Clarke and  Kingsley Ben-Adir debut into the Marvel Cinematic Universe too.

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