Secret Wars – Multiple Avengers May Betray Earth And Side With Kang/Doctor Doom

Secret Wars will witness the unlikely event of having Avengers siding with antagonists like Kang or Doctor Doom.

Secret Wars - Multiple Avengers May Betray Earth And Side With Kang/Doctor Doom


  • Either a variant or Doctor Doom can replace Kang in the MCU after Jonathan Majors' firing from all Marvel roles and projects.
  • Whoever it maybe, a new theory suggests Avengers will stand divided in 'Secret Wars', with many of the siding with Kang/Doctor Doom.
  • This is because the original Kang was always right in pruning branching timelines to prevent incursions with the Sacred Timeline.
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future is in turmoil, after its major actor, Jonathan Majors, was fired for his legal troubles. With his role of Kang the Conqueror now vacant, there is a lot to figure out for Marvel. Earlier slated to be MCU’s next big thing, either Kang would be recast or be replaced by another fan-favorite villain, Doctor Doom in upcoming Multiverse Saga projects.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Marvel Cinematic Universe

While nothing is confirmed, there have also been numerous theories surrounding the end of the Multiverse Saga, aka Avengers: Secret Wars. As Loki Season 2 revealed that the original Kang was never a bad villain, one theory suggests many Avengers would end up betraying Earth and joining Kang or Doctor Doom for a ‘noble cause’.

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Many Avengers Would Join Kang/Doctor Doom In Secret Wars

The original Kang had been right from the start
The original Kang had been right from the start

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While Marvel figures things out, the future of the Multiverse Saga can potentially mean two things, either a Kang variant or a recast will be the main antagonist as was originally planned or Kang will be replaced by Doctor Doom as it happened in the original Secret Wars event in the comics.

Whatever it may be, the Secret Wars storyline is one of the biggest and most vital storylines of Marvel Comics. Featuring an innumerable number of superheroes and villains, it gets more complex as Marvel moves towards it. As Loki Season 2 established that the original Kang was right all along, keeping the sacred timeline safe by pruning already potentially dying timelines, his cause is nobler and justified than the likes of Thanos.


Hence, Secret Wars might feature multiple Avengers at first being anti-Kang or anti-Doctor Doom but later siding with whoever it is going to be to save reality from potential incursions, an event that Doctor Strange 2 already teased at its end.

Furthermore, many fans even allege that Doctor Stange might be the first Avenger to join him for it would be infinitely better, according to him, to save the sacred timeline than to save both or more branched timelines that would potentially be dying one way or the other.

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Reason Why Avengers Would End Up Betraying Earth

Avengers: Secret Wars (2027)
Avengers: Secret Wars (2027)

Kang the Conqueror was supposed to be the ultimate antagonist in the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now there have been numerous rumors that Doctor Doom might be replacing him just like he did in the comics in the Secret Wars event.

However, whatever it may be, there is no doubt that the original Kang was right all along about the multiverse event of branching timelines and how they can end up destroying the original Earth-616 timeline. With Doctor Strange 2 already teasing an incursion, the Avengers in Secret Wars will potentially face the hard choice of restoring peace in the sacred timeline by whatever means possible. Furthermore, as He Who Remains once pointed out Loki, now the God of Time, is always destined to lose, such an event is likely to happen.

Therefore, this would inevitably result in some of the Avengers willingly choosing to prune the branching timelines to prevent incursions from taking place, a choice that is bound to divide them. While these are all rumors and theories, fans would have to wait for future Marvel projects as well as Secret Wars which is slated to release on May 7, 2027.


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