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Secret Wars Theory: Kang Kills All Avengers in The Kang Dynasty, The Beyonder Reshapes Multiverse to Create Battleworld – Giving Avengers One More Chance

Bringing all the plotlines together in Avengers: Infinity Wars and Endgame, Thanos became the big bad for both the movies. But since his departure, phase 4 of the MCU has been rather disjointed and has received a lukewarm reception from fans and critics.

Avengers: Secret Wars
Avengers: Secret Wars will be the 6th installment in the Avengers franchise.

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But Marvel seems to have finally introduced their next main villain as Kang the Conqueror, who was freed in the last episode of Loki after a variant of the character killed He Who Remains. But fans have speculated Kang might not be the main villain and going by the comics, it will be the Beyonder.

How Beyonder will supersede Kang

This theory is based on a popular Marvel comics storyline from the 80s, where the cosmic entity Beyonder destroys all galaxies and realities, except one star, and takes a few characters in the Marvel comics to place them on a planet called Battleworld. This comic was called Secret Wars.

Avengers Secret Wars
Beyonder on the cover of an issue of Secret Wars II.

Fans have suggested that the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and other characters join hands to defeat Kang using the Beyonder’s powers, they bring Beyonder into the picture who will then merge all the major stories to introduce the planet Battleworld and say the famous line:

“I am from beyond! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours! Nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish!”

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Doctor Doom is also a candidate to supersede Kang, as he does in the comics. Doctor Doom steals the powers of the Beyonder at the point while trapped in Battleworld in the Secret Wars storyline. So we could still find Doom joining the Avengers in some capacity.

Who is the celestial Beyonder?

Beyonder is a God-like being, who faces an existential crisis over his true meaning in the world, after seeing the heroes on earth. He believes himself to be complete as he doesn’t desire anything, but after feeling like he’s still incomplete, his actions end up leading to the plot of Secret Wars in the comics.

Beyonder in the Marvel Comics.

Unlike, the Asgardians and Olympians of the MCU, the Beyonder is a god in the real sense as he can reshape reality on a whim. Considered to dwarf Thanos in all forms of strength, the celestial can be the true step up to the titan.

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Considering the MCU gave the heroes a taste of defeat last time in Infinity Wars before allowing them to win in Endgame, the same might happen again. The Beyonder might allow the world to be destroyed, only to rebuild it as Battleworld and allow the Avengers to wish back the status quo.

Written by Nikhil Makwana

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