Secretlab TITAN Evo XL Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair Review: The Seat that We All Deserve

Secretlab have cracked the formula for a comfortable, extended sitting experience, no matter the use.


As streaming of all content has become bigger and bigger, so has the market for relevant accessories over the years. Whether it’s the latest 4K webcam, the best microphones or, as in this case, the most comfortable seat, there’s plenty of competition to be had.

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It’s inarguable, but when you’re sat at a desk, be it for work, streaming, gaming, or relaxing with some music on, you NEED to be comfortable, especially when it’s for an extended amount of time. Thankfully, Secretlab has this covered, and then some.


Secretlab, a Gamer’s Dream

Secretlab’s Superhero range.

Secretlab was started as recently as 2014, by two former eSports players Ian Ang and Alaric Choo, both Starcraft II players. With that knowledge, it makes a little more sense how the manufacturer seemingly understands every gamer’s need in what is, and this is said with respect, just a chair at the end of the day.

In the nine years since the company has gone on leaps and bounds. It now regularly has collaborations with major gaming franchises like Fortnite and Mortal Kombat 1, as well as most recently another DC collaboration in the Harley Quinn skin.


The gaming chair company has always been highly customizable, with three sizes, upholstery, and more to change for each customer, but with these skins, and the ability to choose between the many collaborations on offer, each will feel truly unique to the owner.

Secretlab TITAN Evo XL Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair is a Beast

Well protected in transit.

Now, I’m no small person. At 6ft8 I tower over pretty much everyone, and as such, it makes finding some products difficult. Jeans, t-shirts, and yes, gaming chairs. However, I’m glad to say that for us on the taller end of the spectrum, Secretlab hasn’t forgotten us.


As mentioned, Secretlab offers three sizes on nearly all of its gaming chairs.

  • Small – Aimed for those smaller than 169cm and 90kg.
  • Regular – Aimed at those between 170cm-189cm and less than 100kg.
  • XL – For the outliers like myself, 181cm-205cm and 80-180kg.

Whilst all the other customizations are important, these three options are by far the biggest deal, as with the right choice, you’ll have the proper chair for you and your body, offering maximum, long-term comfort.


From the moment the massive box arrived at my doorstep, I knew I was in for a treat. Weighing in at a massive 40kg, the box and its contents weren’t there to be thrown around, but from the moment the box was opened, the premium experience began. Every chair piece is delicately positioned in maximum protection, with the box full of high-quality, protective, purposefully cut-out styrofoam, ensuring nothing arrived broken. From the wheels to the supplied tools, everything is set out in a clear and concise order, meaning putting the chair together was less of an ordeal and much more of a Lego-like puzzle you were desperate to get to the end of. Twenty minutes at most and you go from having a gigantic box of pieces to a fully-functioning gaming chair ready to go.

The build quality of these chairs cannot be understated, nor can the simplicity of use. From tilting backs to magnetic armrests, it may seem all very standard for a chair, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. As with the ordering of your chair, you can customize the various pieces to offer different heights, flexibility, movement, and more, and again, every single person of various shapes and sizes will be catered for.


As with any chair, maximum comfort is needed when using it for extended periods of time, and the TITAN Evo XL Gaming Chair certainly offered that. The difference between this and a standard chair, be it gaming or office, was night and day. A couple of days in this, my back problems (tall remember) were significantly reduced, same with my constant knee issues (tall remember) and whilst still recommended, I didn’t NEED to stand up and take a few minutes from my desk regularly. I wasn’t shifting in place or repositioning myself constantly either.

For All Times of Day and Seasons of the Year

Secretlab’s TITAN Evo XL Dark Knight Edition

Many people will be reading this wondering how the chair performs in different temperatures, especially, being a faux leather chair, in the summer. I’m glad to say that, unlike other chairs, I didn’t find myself unsticking myself at all, not once, and there were no residual smells left over, or disgusting sweat marks either. I’m sure there’s been some long research into it to achieve this, but considering gamers spend arguably as much or more time in front of their console or rig of choice, this is a huge compliment to give.


However, being faux leather, or ‘NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette ‘ as described by the company, it does come with some drawbacks, the main being that if you have any pets, just like any other leather product, do not let them near the chair. It will be permanently ruined by any claws or teeth.

The only other criticism to be levied at the chair is a minor one regarding the free head cushion supplied. It attaches itself to the headrest of the chair via strong magnets, which do happen to allow certain movement. It’s unlikely to fall off, that’s for sure, but it will move throughout your average working day or gaming session, and you may need to reposition it.


As a whole though, the chair is fantastic. Yes, it comes with a premium, perhaps higher-than-expected price tag, but it also comes with some incredible customizations, a huge range of base models to showcase your favorite franchises, and is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat in.


9 Out of 10


The Secretlab TITAN Evo XL Dark Knight Edition Gaming Chair was supplied by Secretlab.

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Written by Luke Addison

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