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‘Seems like they are using her as a patsy’: Fans Convinced Marvel is Painting Former VFX President Victoria Alonso as a Dictator to Escape the CGI Fiasco

'Seems like they are using her as a patsy': Fans Convinced Marvel is Painting Former VFX President Victoria Alonso as a Dictator to Escape the CGI Fiasco

Marvel might be creating billion-dollar projects and commercially successful films and shows, but it looks like what goes behind all the dazzling fame and recognition isn’t the prettiest picture.

The controversy surrounding the studio’s working conditions, especially pertaining to their VFX artists has been swirling around the internet for quite a while now. Just a few months back, some of these designers voiced their concerns about the “toxic relationship” between Marvel Studios and VFX houses, and it looks like the root of said issues happens to be the MCU co-president herself, Victoria Alonso.

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

However, while insider sources and speculation claim Alonso to be single-handedly responsible for the atrocious work environment that prevailed within the Marvel VFX departments, fans seem to be of the firm belief that the superhero franchise is throwing her under the bus to cushion the fall for the studio as a whole.

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The Blame for Marvel Studios’ VFX Controversy Gets Pinned on Victoria Alonso 

Victoria Alonso had been serving as Marvel’s president of physical, post-production, VFX, and animation for the past 17 years. But that was before the Argentine film producer was being toppled with the blame of fostering appalling working conditions at the studio’s VFX departments, the weight of which seems to have made her quit the studio altogether.

As per THR, Alonso, 57, left Marvel Studios on March 17, 2023, amidst the tempest of controversies whorling down on the company that somehow ended up having her name on the very front. The reportedly former-Marvel executive had been with the studio since Iron Man came out back in 2008. Yup, it’s been that long.

Victoria Alonso
Victoria Alonso

Chris Lee, a senior reporter for Vulture recently tweeted about the matter, claiming how several trusted VFX sources have confided in him about Alonso monopolizing over “all major creative decisions on” MCU projects and misusing her unrestrained authority to such a horrifying extent that workers would be frightened of her. She is further accused of having “maintained the blacklist that kept FX pros wild-eyed with fear.” 

But while Alonso faces allegations of being liable for putting Marvel VFX artists through miserable working conditions and reigning terror upon them, fans think that her name is most certainly being marred by Marvel as a way of fortifying the studio’s reputation and that in reality, she’s not the only one who deserves to bear the blame.

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Fans Believe Victoria Alonso is Being Used As A Scapegoat for Marvel 

In light of the series of tweets made by Chris Lee on Alonso’s alleged abhorrent behavior with her subordinates, a Twitter user pointed out how the whole thing seems to have been orchestrated by Marvel to make it look like the co-president alone was culpable for the questionable working conditions and all the emotional distress the VFX crew was being put through.

This way the studio could successfully avoid taking the responsibility for any wrongdoings, thereby saving face in public. And a lot of people seem to be agreeing with this theory.

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If this theory about Alonso being a ‘sacrificial lamb’ holds any veracity, then it’s certainly a win-win situation for the studio. Marvel’s reputation doesn’t get smudged by claims of gross mismanagement and blatant neglect and they lose an executive who apparently incited brutal fear in her workers. This would simply paint Marvel Studios as the hero in the whole matter.

However, neither Alonso nor the studio has commented on the same yet.

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