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Newly Announced FPS ‘Sentinel’ – Could This Game Be A Destiny Killer?

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Pathless Productions, a new games studio made of former Call of Duty and Halo developers has unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming Futuristic FPS game Sentinel. From the initial trailer, it appears to have co-op and sandbox elements while taking place on an alien planet filled with dangerous terrain and enemies powered by the breathtaking Unreal Engine 5.

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Although it is early days for Sentinel, the game is already showing promise with the most recent trailer presenting us with four-wheeled vehicle gameplay, (including a cool stunt jump), as well as the player fighting off waves of enemies with a Halo-inspired energy weapon.

Fighting for the Future- What Is Sentinel About?


While not much is known about Sentinel, Pathless Productions have already set expectations high labelling the FPS as “the definitive social sandbox shooter.” From how the main character looks like a Titan from Destiny to the fact that you are also a “Space Viking” instead of a Spartan, there is clearly the lifeblood of Halo and other Bungie games running through the veins of Sentinel.  This might hit a soft spot for some fans of the original Halo games, leading to more anticipation and hype for a game that could rival current gaming powerhouses, or be able to capture the nostalgia of FPS games of years gone by.

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The Enemies also look strikingly similar to some of the Vex from Destiny as the spiky quadruped robots although they appear to be more organic, attacking the player in the gameplay trailer with large claws and gaping mouth. It will be interesting to see what other enemy types they showcase before the game’s full release and how ‘inspired’ they will be by games the developers have previously worked on.

What could be most interesting and unique about Sentinel is its story that’s hinted at the start of the trailer with the text: “When Earth was destroyed by the Coalition; the remnants of humanity took refuge among the stars.” This idea already is giving me Destiny vibes but if it is executed well could add something unique to the futuristic FPS category otherwise Sentinel could fall by the wayside as a generic shooter.

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However, the sprawling broken future environments could ensure that Sentinel sticks out against a crowd of beige and brown battle royales and looter shooters. The visuals generated in Unreal Engine 5, and the destroyed environments are reminiscent of the urban destruction in Crytek’s Crysis 3.

Although the energy weapons had a very distinctly Halo feel in visuals, the gunplay seems to be closer to Call of Duty’s with the tight spray patterns and fierce, heavy blaster effects. The game also seems to include a multiplayer/ co-op aspect that lets you team up with other “Space Vikings” to defend humanity’s new home. If this is a key feature that they lean into heavily as a “social sandbox shooter” Sentinel on release could rival the likes of Destiny and Call of Duty on release.

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At the moment Sentinel has no release date but FandomWire will be keeping an eye on Sentinel to bring you all the latest news, gameplay details, demos and everything you need to know before the game’s full launch. What do you think of the first look at Sentinel? Do you think it could be better than Halo? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Written by Massimo Castelli

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