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Sequels: Movies That Would Create Awesome Sequels

Sequels; love them, hate them. There are some movies that received sequels that left fans scratching their heads thinking – why? It is a feeling that plagues moviegoers each and every year. The dreaded unnecessary sequel. Causing the viewer to roll their eyes as they watch the trailer on YouTube to an already prophesized stinker. Luckily, there are movies that hit it right on the money when it comes to a sequel that fans wanted, and did financially well at the box office. Then there are movies that are so great that why not make a sequel, it makes sense! Here are movies that would create awesome sequels:

Monsters Inc.
Monsters Inc Sequel

Monsters Inc. belongs in the rare category of movies that suffer from film dyslexia. Where producers and the studio as a whole clearly misread what the fans wrote. See, they thought fans of the original wanted a prequel instead of a sequel. So, instead, Pixar made the unnecessary Monsters University. Nobody, I repeat nobody ever asked did Sulivan and Mike go to scare college? Let’s see that, Disney! No. Give fans the sequels we’ve all been asking for, and don’t mess it up like Incredibles 2.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz 2

Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz was an instant comedic classic once it hit theaters in 2007, and ever since its release fans have been craving more of the British buddy-cop story. Nor can you blame them. So why haven’t we seen a sequel yet? In an interview with Movieweb, Simon Pegg states that there is definitely a sequel potential for Hot Fuzz, but really came down to other projects, and the actor feels that he is too old for the role now. Which is total nonsense, Mr. Pegg. Bring your geriatric-self back to Sanford and kick some butt.

spy movie 2

Melissa McCarthy may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but she nailed it in her performance as Susan Cooper. The naive desk jockey for the CIA, that soon gets her hands dirty becoming the spy she always dreamt to be. It’s a laugh-out-loud comedy from beginning to end. With surprisingly hilarious performances from the likes of action-star Jason Statham. A sequel starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Miranda Hart, Christoph Waltz, Idris Elba, and Tom Hardy. Give it to us.

Osmosis Jones
osmosis jones sequel

Since its 2001 inception, the Warner Bros. animated action-comedy has generated a cult following. Leaving fans that grew up on this movie, and new ones wanting more of the cool white blood cell cop, Osmosis Jones (voiced by Chris Rock). There have been rumors of a sequel. When? It is uncertain, but a sequel would be welcomed with open arms by fans. It also wouldn’t hurt to have Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, and Eddie Murphy in the sequel as cells/germs.

dredd 2

Asking why Dredd doesn’t have a sequel yet? It’s similar to asking why dad hasn’t come back from the corner store to buy cigarettes. It’s life, things happen. Now we’re stuck with this man in the house that’s awkwardly trying way too hard to be your new “cool” dad. This is an analogy for the show Mega-City One instead of receiving a sequel starring Karl Urban as the best Judge Dredd to hit the big screen.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (A David Fincher Sequel)
dragon tattoo

The Girl in the Spider’s Web was a disappointing sequel (or spin-off) from Fincher’s 2011 masterpiece. I and others were hoping for Fincher’s return to the franchise, revisiting Rooney Mara’s superb portrayal as the distinguished investigator Lisbeth Salander. This is a sequel that is still possible that would be welcomed with open arms.

District 9
district 10

This is one of the few titles on the list that has the largest chance of it being created soon. Director of District 9, Neil Blomkamp has announced on February 26, 2021, on Twitter that District 10 is coming soon! Keep fingers crossed that this isn’t another sequel that falls through the Hollywood cracks.

Kung Fu Hustle
kfh two

Kung Fu Hustle is a sensational action-comedy from Shanghai that spoiled audiences worldwide with a storyline packed with personality. A movie that combined the wild-goofy antics of Looney Tunes and the graceful art of kung fu. KFH is one of a kind movie that everybody should check out. Since 2004 KFH has garnered a large fan base from across the globe. Fans would love to see a second chapter on where some of their favorite characters are good, plus, to see what type of wild effects we can see now as technology continues to progress in filmmaking. Lastly, there are rumors Stephen Chow, director/actor of KFH will release the KFH 2 in 2025!

hancock sequel

Hancock is such an underrated superhero movie disguised as a Will Smith movie or maybe I have it backward. Nonetheless, Hancock is a solid movie that brought something different to the table in this genre. In the next movie, audiences can see where’s Hancock now all these as a big hero, maybe more gods will appear now even though Charlize Theron’s character believes Hancock and herself are the only beings of their kind left. If there was any time to release this movie it would be now while superhero movies are still hot.

Leon: The Professional
the professional

If Netflix or A24 creates a Mathilda: The Professional sequel, a movie that’ll follow Leon’s apprentice, turned seasoned assassin on the streets in NYC or Los Angeles. Natalie Portman has proven time-after-time, after-time-again that she can carry a movie. Along with delivering Oscar-worthy performances and she’s already showing she can be a badass warrior – Thor: Love and Thunder.

Team America: World Police
world police two

Trey Parker the creator of World Police (and creator of South Park) has mentioned his lack of interest in ever making another sequel due to the tedious process of making an entire blockbuster using puppets. I think many fans of both the movie and South Park would absolutely love to see a sequel. There’s an abundance of great material that has occurred in the world, let alone the USA since 2004. World Police is an outrageously funny movie that holds no punches in its language, violence, and sexual content. It’s a fun unapologetic movie that satires on the film industry, espionage movies, and the world’s social politics.

Get Out
Get Out Again

Last but not least Get Out is one of those movies that was critically praised by Hollywood, yet had a hot and cold response from viewers. Not that Get Out is a bad movie at all while tilting more towards the overrated side. A sequel would be an interesting concept to explore more of this freakish world Jordan Peele has created that dives into today’s social politics and race while using thriller/psychological horror as a vessel in order to tell his story. Get Out, Again should be the name that is about a couple living in a predominantly hipster/far-left area that gives off similar vibes as the Purge.

Written by Barry Buzzkill

Woah, he writes!