Seth Rogen Regretted Blowing All His Bar Mitzvah Money on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms When He Was 13

Seth Rogen stated that as it all got thrown out by his parents, it became a bad investment on his part

Seth Rogen Regretted Blowing All His Bar Mitzvah Money on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms When He Was 13


  • Seth Rogen has often confessed to his love for magic mushrooms and weed among other things
  • The actor-director once confessed that at 13 he spent all his Bar Mitzvah money to buy magic mushrooms
  • Though he couldn't enjoy it as his parents found out about it and threw them all out
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Seth Rogen is Hollywood’s resident funnyman and there isn’t a single topic that he can’t make a joke about, whether it is anything serious or just plain out of the ordinary. That said, Rogen has often confessed or shared tales about his love for marijuana and magic mushrooms, among other things.

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In fact, Seth Rogen actually spent a lot of money on buying magic mushrooms when he was just a kid. Which turned into a big regret as neither he or his friends could get a chance to enjoy them. 


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Seth Rogen cop
Seth Rogen in Superbad

Seth Rogen Wasted His Bar Mitzvah Money on Magic Mushrooms

Seth Rogen is definitely a cool guy who loves having fun whenever possible. That said, he has always confessed that he loves magic mushrooms, which is no surprise. While speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Seth Rogen said he spent all his Bar Mitzvah money on magic mushrooms.

Seth Rogen suspicious
Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express

However, Seth Rogen couldn’t really eat any of it as his friends wrote in his school yearbook that they couldn’t wait to eat the magic mushrooms he bought. Rogen’s parents found this out and immediately threw the mushrooms in the garbage.

When I was 13 I had my Bar Mitzvah and I took all the money and bought Hallucinogenic mushrooms with them. All my friends wrote in my Yearbook, ”Hey we’re psyched to eat all the shrooms you just got.” My parents read my yearbook and were like, ”What the f*** are thye tlaking about?” And I was like, ‘Ah that’s just a joke.’ So they looked into the backpack, there were several ounces of mushrooms, so they took them threw them in the garbage. So that was a poor investment on my part.

Rogan shared how the confession ended up getting him in trouble with his parents, despite trying to convince them that it was just a running joke between him and his friends. The actor definitely regretted the buy as it all went into the dumpster.


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Seth Rogen Once Confessed He Smokes Cannabis Every Day

Seth Rogen is a very chill person and that could be attributed to the fact that he loves smoking cannabis – taking a page out of Snoop Dogg’s book. While speaking during an appearance on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast, Rogen confessed he smokes cannabis every day.

Seth Rogen weirded out
Seth Rogen in Knocked Up

Yeah, for sure. I smoke weed all day, so I would imagine it would be worse if I didn’t. Yes, I smoke weed all day, every single day, since I was 20 years old maybe,” Rogen said, adding: “And I’ve been very productive in that time.”

Seth Rogen will forever be considered one of the nicest people in Hollywood, even if he has made some controversial remarks and actions in the past. However, the show must go on and fans have accepted that.

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