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“Seth was like, ‘Who gives a sh*t!'”: Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Won’t Forget How Seth Rollins Abandoned Him after Roman Reigns Busted The Rock’s Blood Vessels, Made Him Cough Blood

"Seth was like, 'Who gives a sh*t!'": Black Adam Star Dwayne Johnson Won't Forget How Seth Rollins Abandoned Him after Roman Reigns Busted The Rock's Blood Vessels, Made Him Cough Blood

Dwayne Johnson, before his full-fledged devotion to Hollywood, had his time to shine in the WWE. From his time of action back in the ring, The Rock often regales his tales from the WWE days. One such tale talked about the time the Jumanji actor coughed up blood and Seth Rogen had a reply that Dwayne Johnson would not forget.

Talking about the famous fight when The Rock was beaten down so hard by Seth Rollins, Johnson recalled the good old days. Sharing a laugh with Rollins and Roman Reigns, Dwayne Johnson revealed that Seth Rollins did not care that The Rock coughed up blood.

The Rock in WWE
The Rock in WWE.

When Dwayne Johnson And Seth Rollins Went Head-to-Head

When the trio called The Shield (composed of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and, Dean Ambrose) dominated the championship ring, they once had a brawl with Dwayne Johnson back in 2013. When things got heated, The Shield demolished The People’s Champion by performing their signature Triple Powerbomb on him.

The Shield Triple Powe bombed Dwayne Johnson.
The Shield Triple Powe bombed Dwayne Johnson.

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According to The Rock, Roman Reigns pushed Johnson so hard on the mat that he busted his blood vessels. The actor then started bleeding from his mouth. Dwayne Johnson recalled that Roman Reigns immediately went to check up on him while Seth Rollins did not simply care.

“I was on Roman’s shoulders. He threw me down so hard on that mat. Busted my blood vessels, blood started coming out of my mouth. Roman looked down and was like, ‘You okay, Uso?’ And as far as I can answer, Seth was like, ‘Who gives a s**t!’ and walks away.”

Although they all shared a laugh, Seth Rollins did not seem to remember this incident ever taking place. After the incident, Dwayne Johnson once again jested that Seth Rollins could not beat him again if it were to happen now.

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Dwayne Johnson Teases Seth Rollins Once Again

Dwayne Johnson at the Black Adam event.
Dwayne Johnson at the Black Adam event.

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Wrestlemania 39 is an upcoming WWE event where Seth Rollins will once again brawl with other wrestlers. Talking about the upcoming event, Becky Lynch joked around that Seth Rollins just might do the Triple Powerbomb again at SoFi stadium in Wrestlemania 39.

Dwayne Johnson added that the match would end in 30 seconds if it were to happen. Although the Red Notice actor will not take part in the upcoming event, the fans eagerly await the return of The People’s Champion to once again grace the championship ring.

As for the American actor, The Rock is currently working on the game WWE 2K23 which is currently in pre-production. The actor is, however, associated with an upcoming movie titled Red One with Hiram Garcia working as the writer of the movie while Chris Evans will be starring alongside the DC actor. The movie will also star J.K. Simmons as the movie is currently in post-production. The movie is expected to release sometime this year (with rumors of around Christmas time).

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