Shadow of the Erdtree Launch Trailer Shows Hidetaka Miyazaki May Have Been Playing Games With Elden Ring Fans in a Big Way

Miquella may not be as Kindly as everyone keeps alluding to in Shadow of the Erdtree!


  • The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will answer many questions about Miquella.
  • In the launch trailer, a voice that could be Miquella refers to the Tarnished as a “Champion of the Festival."
  • This could allude to the Radahn Festival and tie into the player needing to beat the Starscourge to access the DLC.
  • The line could hint at Miquella’s desire to have Radahn defeated, and may have sent Malenia to do it first.
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Shadow of the Erdtree has finally been released, and countless Tarnished have descended into the Land of Shadow with the same goal: find Miquella. The demigod has been a shadowy figure throughout the base game, and we might finally gain an audience with him soon.


However, is this something we truly want? One must remember the lengths we had to go through to access the DLC, one of which included killing General Radahn. This was, at first, an odd requirement, but the launch trailer may have offered some insight.

The Shadow of the Erdtree Launch Trailer Points to Miquella’s Potential Misdeeds

Shadow of the Erdtree will answer several questions.
Shadow of the Erdtree will answer several questions.

It’s often difficult to ascertain the motivations of FromSoftware’s characters. Some of them are operating on a level beyond human understanding, making their actions seem chaotic and random to those who are unable to grasp their full picture.

ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree | Official Launch Trailer

When it was first revealed that the entrance to the DLC would be through the Empyrean Cocoon in Mohg’s arena, it made sense why the Lord of Blood needed to be defeated. But there was another condition. The player had to also beat General Radahn and let the stars once again resume their course of movement.

While most Tarnished had faced Radahn to advance Ranni’s goals, it may be that Miquuella had attempted to put a pin in the General’s plans much before. The Elden Ring cinematic trailer shows Malenia and Radahn engaging in an epic duel that ends with the former using the Aeonion Bloom to nuke Radahn and the entire region of Caelid with Scarlet Rot.

But why were they fighting in the first place? It was originally thought the battle may have been over acquiring each other’s Great Runes, but a single dialogue from the very start of the launch trailer could offer a hint. A voice, who we assume is Miquella, states, “My loyal blade and champion of the festival.” This festival could refer to the Radahn Festival and hints at Miquella watching the Tarnished’s quest from the sidelines.


The Dialogue May Hint at the Reason Behind Malenia and Radahn’s Clash

Will the Land of Shadow shed light on the demigod?
Will the Land of Shadow shed light on the demigod?

One thing anyone would have realized after facing Malenia is that she is devoted to her brother. Given that, it would not be a stretch to imagine her going to war and doing his bidding. If Miquella wished for Radahn to be defeated for the stars to move once again, it may fit into the theory that he is not as innocent as people assume.

The reason for Miquella wishing for the stars to once again be set in motion is tied to his half-brother, Godwyn, who exists in a half-death state. To revive this being, Miquella requires an eclipse to occur for the resurrection ritual. Such an event cannot occur for as long as Radahn holds the cosmos in place.

It’s only been a day for the average Elden Ring player, so there’s still a lot of questions this DLC needs to answer. But, with the stage that has been set with all the trailers and previews, Hidetaka Miyazaki may change the way we see the world.


Do you think Miquella wished for Radahn to be defeated? Let us know in the comments below!

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