Shakira Confirms Split With Gerard Pique, Asks Fans to Give Her Family Privacy

The most famous Colombian superstar Shakira and Gerard Pique reported Saturday that they were calling time on their relationship for years, the couple also shares two kids. Shakira and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, have been together since 2011 she is the mother of two. They met during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when he called attention to the music video for Shakira’s “Waka Waka This Time for Africa”, the official song.

Shakira and Gerard Pique set for divorce
Shakira and Gerard Pique set for divorce

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This singer is facing a trial over claimed tax fraud charges in Spain after she lost a petition on May 26. Prosecutors claimed that she failed to fulfill up to $15.54 million in tax.

Pop Icon Shakira and Footballer Gerard Pique Separated After 12 Years: Reports and Rumors

Shakira and Gerard Pique are on the verge of split
Shakira and Gerard Pique are on the verge of a split

The couple mentioned in a statement that:

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“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our utmost priority, we request respect for our privacy.”

Her legal team addressed that they will keep defending her case with strong legal statements.

“Shakira’s conduct on tax matters has always been impeccable in all the countries she had to pay taxes and she has trusted and followed faithfully the recommendations of the best specialists and advisers.”

The rumors of their separation are growing recently, and the reports acknowledged that Shakira discovered Gerard Pique with another woman. The fact that the two are not staying in the same house adds more belief to the rumors’. It was also recently announced that Pique was living alone in his bachelor home on Barcelona’s Calle Muntaner. The rumors began to spread after Shakira stopped uploading photos of herself with Gerard Pique on Instagram. Additionally, he wasn’t even mentioned in her Mother’s Day post. Shakira didn’t even mention her footballer husband in her caption when she posted a photo with her children on Mother’s Day.

Footballer Gerard Pique cheating scandal rumors
Footballer Gerard Pique cheating scandal rumors

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The couple announced their divorce hardly over a week after Spanish court documents dragged Shakira closer to facing tax fraud charges in Spain after a Barcelona court declined her appeal. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old footballer has also faced a tough season on the pitch, with Barcelona having a difficult season and Pique himself suffering from multiple injuries. The defender, who has been with Xavi’s Barcelona team since 2008, is considered one of the most important members of the team. Pique has experienced some of the most memorable days at Nou Camp, as well as some of the difficult seasons in recent years.

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Written by Shreeparna Das