Shane Gillis Makes Comeback of the Decade With Netflix Deal After SNL Comedian Was Banished for Racist Jokes 

Shane Gillis's remarkable journey from SNL controversy to Netflix success defies expectations and inspires resilience.

Shane Gillis Makes Comeback of the Decade With Netflix Deal After SNL Comedian Was Banished for Racist Jokes 


  • Netflix acquires the comedy series Tires by Shane Gillis, set to premiere on May 23.
  • Gillis serves as the star, writer, and co-creator, with guest appearances from Andrew Schulz.
  • Shane Gillis faced controversy on SNL in 2019 but has since rebounded, thriving in the comedy scene with various projects.
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Guess who’s making a major comeback? Yep, Shane Gillis, the comedian who got a lot of heat and got booted from SNL (Saturday Night Live) for his controversial jokes. But guess what? He’s bouncing back big time with a Netflix deal. Netflix is all in for a six-episode comedy series called Tires, bringing the 36-year-old back into the limelight after all the drama with SNL.

Shane Gillis
Shane Gillis (credit: SNL)

Despite the uproar over his past jokes, Gillis is showing that in showbiz, everyone deserves a second shot. With this new gig, he’s ready to crack us up again, promising a fresh take and loads of laughs for the audience.

Netflix Acquires Tires, The Comedy Series By Shane Gillis

Netflix is shaking things up by snagging Tires, a comedy series led by funnyman Shane Gillis. The show, made by Gillis himself, is set to premiere on May 23 with six episodes packed with laughs.


But that’s not all; Netflix is also teaming up with Gillis for a new stand-up special, marking their second collaboration after the success of Beautiful Dogs last fall.

In Tires, Gillis wears many hats. He’s not only the star but also a writer and co-creator alongside Steven Gerben and John McKeever. The show revolves around Will, played by Gerben, who’s trying to revamp his dad’s auto repair business while dealing with his troublesome cousin, Shane (played by Gillis).

Shane Gillis
Shane Gillis, (credit: SNL, YouTube)

Joining the cast are Chris O’Connor, Kilah Fox, and Stavros Halkias, with guest spots from Andrew Schulz. The series is a product of Gillis and McKeever’s production company, Dad Sick Productions, with support from other executive producers.


This isn’t Gillis’s first rodeo in sitcom land. He’s previously worked on projects like Gilly and Keeves and made appearances on shows like Peacock’s Bupkis. Netflix’s decision to pick up Tires follows the success of Gillis’s previous special, Beautiful Dogs, which soared in the streamer’s rankings.

But it’s worth noting that Gillis’s journey to this comeback hasn’t been smooth sailing. He faced backlash and was axed from SNL due to controversial remarks. 

Shane Gillis: Controversial SNL Journey In 2019

Back in 2019, Gillis took quite a wild ride with Saturday Night Live (SNL), stirring up a whole lot of controversy along the way. You might remember hearing about it. Gillis was all set to join the SNL crew, but then things took a sharp turn when some pretty offensive stuff he said in the past resurfaced. SNL didn’t waste any time showing him the door.

Shane Gillis
Shane Gillis, (credit: via THR)

But fast forward to Feb. 24, and there’s Gillis back on the SNL stage, hosting the show like nothing ever happened. He even cracked a joke about getting fired in his opening monologue, trying to brush it off like it was no big deal. As per Etonline, he said,

“I’m here, Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was actually — I was fired from this show a while ago. But, you know, don’t look that up, please. If you don’t know who I am, please don’t Google that. It’s fine. Don’t even worry about it.”

Despite the SNL drama, Gillis has been making a name for himself in the comedy scene. He’s been called an Up-Next comedian by Comedy Central and has scored gigs at big festivals like Clusterfest and Just For Laughs. Plus, he’s got his own podcast with his buddy Matt and pops up on a bunch of others.

And let’s not forget about his buddy John McKeever, who’s been making waves in the comedy world, too. Besides their projects together, McKeever’s been writing for some big TV networks and popping up on shows like Tru TV’s Almost Genius and Comedy Central’s Adam Devine’s House Party.


Next on Gillis’s agenda? Two live shows at the 2024 Netflix is a Joke Fest in LA. It seems like he’s bouncing back just fine from the SNL hiccup, finding his groove with projects like Tires on Netflix.


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