Shang-Chi: Who Is The Mysterious Death Dealer?

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Shang-Chi: Who Is The Mysterious Death Dealer?Shang-Chi - Death dealer

Who is the Death Dealer? Marvel’s newest blockbuster, “Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings,” was recently released in theaters. The storyline and characters are very different from the comic series of “Shang-Chi” from the 1970s. As a result, the plot and the superheroes are free of the stereotypical traits present in the original comic book characters. Most of the characters in the movie are very different from their original counterparts. A mysterious masked fighter who challenges Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) throughout the movie is one such character. And here is the mystery unraveled.


Ten Rings Army:

Two characters stand out from Wenwu’s Ten Rings Army for their wit and intelligence. Firstly, Razor Fist (Florian Munteanu) – a giant who tethers a blade to his hand. And secondly, a nameless person who has trained Shang-Chi in the past. This person is in many of the flashback scenes throughout the movie. We can see that defeating the masked fighter is a sign of Shang-Chi’s mastery and successful training. But it is also clear that they share a troubled relationship. The two are engaged in furious combat in Macau before Wenwu comes in and takes Shang-Chi back home. Shang-chi has the upper hand in the duel. Then the masked fighter dies in Ta Lo when a soul eater eats his soul. He has a flashy killer costume and provides a lot of disputes and duels in his short screen time. This puzzling character entered and exited MCU – all in one movie. So who is it behind the mask?

Death Dealer – The Masked Adversary:

The masked person in the movie is a nameless and faceless character. He is the Death Dealer played by Andy Lee- an actor, martial artist, and stuntman. Lee is the founding member of Martial Club- a Youtube channel that tinkers with filmmaking tutorials and martial arts content. Le has posted many behind-the-scenes clips on Instagram, and Martial Club Youtube accounts from his time on the movie sets. Of course, he had to do all the stunts in full costume – mask and all! In one post, he wrote, “ Pain is temporary but the film lives on forever. It is a different ball game when you are in full costume, mask and can’t breathe.”  Andy Le, Death Dealer


Death Dealer In MCU: 

The Death Dealer was one of Wu’s trusted and skilled deputies. He has also trained Shang-Chi.The Death Dealer first appeared in “The Hands Of Shang-Chi : Master Of KungFu” #115 in 1982. Here, the Death Dealer is without a mask or a fancy name, according to Variant Comics. He is Li Ching-Lin, a double agent with MI6. He is working for Shang-Chi’s father. In the comics, Fu Manchu (A racist caricature) is Shang chi’s father, not Wenwu( Tony Leung). Ching-Li is brutal and dangerous. So, Fah Lo Suee (Chang-Li’s sister and Director of MI6) hires Shang-Chi to kill him. Ching=li becomes the Death Dealer after he escapes the duel and reunites with Fu Manchu. Shang-Chi finally kills the Death Dealer.Shang-Chi:

Death Dealer : A Different Version:

The MCU characters in the movie are different. Even their masks and costumes are different. However, the common thread is their loyalty to Shang-Chi’s father and Shang-Chi’s mastery in combat.Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Death Dealer

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