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“Shanks is a daddy, Daddy has no age”: Emily Rudd is Strictly Against One Piece Co-star Taz Skylar on One Debate

Emily Rudd is Strictly Against One Piece Co-star Taz Skylar on One Debate

Shanks is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world. He is the one who inspired Monkey D. Luffy to be a pirate. Not only Luffy but the whole One Piece fandom loves Shanks. Every once in a while, when Shanks makes any appearances in the anime, social media sites get flooded with comments of praise for him. But of course, all the credit goes to Eiichiro Oda for creating such a brilliant character.

Recently, Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece was adapted into a live-action by Netflix. People loved it, just like the anime. Due to its success, Netflix has posted many videos of the cast having fun with each other. In one such video, Emily Rudd (Nami) and Taz Skylar (Sanji) disagreed about Shanks. The fans were eager to know what that disagreement was about.

Emily Rudd and Taz Skylar Argue Over Shanks


Recently, Netflix posted a video on YouTube where Emily Rudd and Taz Skylar play a game known as ‘One Piece Who Dis’. The game requires the players to think of a character from One Piece Live Action, and the other one will have to guess it after asking a series of questions. The game was going well. But an argument broke out between the two when it was time for revelations.

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Fandomwire Video

Emily Rudd had chosen Monkey D. Garp, and Taz Skylar had chosen Shanks. One of the questions asked by Emily Rudd was whether Taz Skylar’s chosen character was a ‘Daddy or not?’ Taz Skylar replied with a no. In the end, when Taz Skylar revealed that his character was Shanks. Emily Rudd shouted, “Shanks is a Daddy.”

Emily and Taz Play 'One Piece Who-Dis?'
Emily and Taz Play ‘One Piece Who-Dis?’

Skylar said that to be a daddy, a person needs to be of a certain age. Rudd replied, “No, Daddy has no age.” Later, the Nami actor said that it was wrong to ask that question to Skylar since he admitted that he is not internet savvy. The video ended with the two arguing over whether Shanks is a daddy or not.

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How Did The Argument Come To A Conclusion?

It is fair to say that the conclusion is yet to come to an end. Emily Rudd was shocked to hear that Taz Skylar does not consider Shanks as a daddy. The argument went on for a few seconds. They then passed over the question to the One Piece fans to answer. Even though it was a friendly argument, Emily Rudd’s face showed clear signs of frustration.

The cast of the live-action series were chosen carefully
One Piece Live Action

Of the two, Emily Rudd is the one with the more knowledge of One Piece. But Taz Skylar has his reasons for that. Rudd might be upset since she lost the game, or she is head over heels for Shanks. For the moment, it appears to be the first time Sanji disagrees with ‘Nami-san’.

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Source: Netflix Philippines

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