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Shazam: 10 Reasons It’s The Best DCEU Movie, Not Aquaman

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie! The 80’s family movies inspire Shazam. It has the perfect cast and is just the right mix of fun and cheesiness! 

Shazam  is a strange and unlikely entry in the DCEU. It was unlike any DCEU movie ever made. Furthermore, it did not do very well at the box office. The physically and tonally dark scenes, typical of DCEU, were replaced with genuine relationships between children and thrilling action scenes. Let’s see why it qualifies for the best movie slot:

1. Shazam is the funniest DCEU movie: The DCEU is known for its gritty and dark films. As a result, he has no competition for being the best comedy movie ever by DCEU.

The Fun Movie

2. Shazam is hopeful: Billy tries hard to get rid of his superpowers. But then he realizes that he has the powers for a reason: to save the innocent civilians. It also ends on a hopeful note!

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie

3. Shazam is a satire of Superhero movies: It mocks Superhero movies while being a superhero movie itself! It makes fun of Superhero symbols while using them all the same. Shazam’s suit itself is one big joke as it looks made up with shoulder pads and padding in the abs and biceps.

The costume

4. It refers to the DCEU in creative ways: It acknowledges that it is part of the DCEU. Shazam throws Batman toys at Sivana to ward him off. The Teaser where Superman walks into the school canteen is the deal-breaker. Despite all this, Shazam-2 may not be a part of DCEU.

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie

5. It is a family movie: The storyline shows a group of kids bonding when they grow up in a foster home together. The cast is mainly children, and the takes place during Christmas. Hollywood movie + Christmas = Family Time!

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie

6. There is more character development than any DCEU movie: Billy, a loner, learns to make friends and accepts that he cannot solve all the problems alone. Billy’s friends also develop superpowers like him. They all come together to fight Sivana and save the innocent people.

Shazam Family

7. The movie has an interesting relationship between the Hero and Villain: Sivana, the villain, is jealous of a teenage boy. Even more interesting is the moral difficulty Sivana has in threatening and eventually killing Billy.

Shazam: 10 Reasons It's The Best DCEU Movie, Not Aquaman

8. There is chemistry between the characters in Shazam: The decision to cast Zachary Levi as Shazam was one of the best casting decisions by Warner Bros. The chemistry between Zachary Levi and Jack Dylan Grazer was genuine and evident despite the age difference.

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie

9. Shazam did not look at the superhero genre for inspiration: Shazam is the first DCEU movie inspired by a non-superhero genre. It draws inspiration from the 80’s movies. The entire concept of a teenager becoming an adult to save the day is inspired by Big. There is also a scene where Billy falls onto a giant piano in a children’s store. This is a direct reference to Big, which is the most incredible family entertainer of all time.

Big: The Inspiration.

10. It is unabashedly cheesy: A sarcastic storyline, over-the-top costumes, a dramatic villain make it an over-the-top movie.

Shazam: Best DCEU Movie


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